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'That Was Something That Will Always Stick With Me'

Eagles players explain the best advice that they received from their fathers. Some of the wisdom was shared through words. Other dads spoke with their actions.

Quarterback Nick Foles: "Honestly, it was something this last year when I was getting criticized for my play against Oakland and Dallas and basically everyone was doubting me. He called me, and we had a conversation. I'm a grown man and I've been through a lot, but even then, he said something that really stuck with me.

"He said, 'Nick, obviously I'm your father, I've watched you your whole career. You're the most dangerous player in the world right now because I know who you are. I know when everyone's against you and everyone doubts you and everyone doesn't even think it's possible, this is where you shine. This is where you show up and you've done that your entire life. Just know that I'm your dad and that's what I think and that's what I know. I'm excited to watch you play.' He said that to me right before the playoffs started. That was something that will always stick with me."

Safety Malcolm Jenkins: "The biggest thing he's told me that's always stuck in my head was, 'You don't know what you don't know.' He said that I've always been a very curious person. He'll always try to make sure I learn things from all angles because, I don't know what I don't know. The more you can learn, I think the more understanding we have, the more verse you become. For me, I think even in the game of football, what I do in the community, business, I'm a very curious person because I've heard that phrase many times."

Running back Darren Sproles: "Spend as much time as you can with your kids."

Running back Corey Clement: "He always told me to remain humble. No matter anything that we go through always remember the lows because some people aren't fortunate enough to see the highs in their life. Whenever you come across a highlight in your life, always think about somebody who has helped you along the way. That and always be respectful and mindful of your elders, my grandparents, of course, and always show respect to my mom."

Quarterback Carson Wentz: "My dad's been my biggest fan, my biggest supporter ever since I was a kid. He took me to all sorts of games, always challenged me and pushed me. It's hard to say one piece of advice. He's kind of a clown, too. We like to joke around with each other. I love my dad."

Safety Rodney McLeod: "I just look at his work ethic; everything that he did for my family growing up from having multiple jobs and just being a provider. That's one thing that's always stayed with me just his consistent grind to be able to provide for his family. His work ethic was nonstop."

Wide receiver Nelson Agholor: "It wasn't even something he said. It was my dad's commitment to do all he can to take care of our family. He's a guy that I would describe as somebody that would find a way to make a way to get things done. I'm just happy and happy Father's Day to him."

Safety Chris Maragos: "I would say consistency and commitment. Those two things jump to mind when I think of him and just the way he cared for us and how consistent he was day in and day out. It really showed me a lot. I showed me how to be a man and what it looked like to be a father and all those things that I carry over for myself too."

Wide receiver Bryce Treggs: "Coming into the NFL, my dad just told me to be the best Bryce that you can be and that'll be good enough. You just have to have a blinder point of view. You can't really worry about the numbers in the receiver room; who is going to make the roster, none of that. You just got to be the best you that you can be and focus on the controllables and let the chips fall where they may."

Tight end Dallas Goedert: "I grew up with my stepdad, Gary, who really taught me a lot about being a great man, being a hard worker. He does everything the right way. If I could model my life after his, I feel like it would be a true success."

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