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TE James Graham Scouting Report

TE James Graham, Miami (Fl.)
Pos. Rank: 4 Grade: 2nd-3rd Round Height: 6-6 1/2 Weight: 260 40: 4.53 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Large, athletic tight end prospect with an enormous amount of upside potential. Fluid getting off the line into routes, smooth moving about the field and looks like a receiver rather than tight end in motion. Displays natural pass catching skills, extending his hands and adjusting to the errant throw, or making the reception in stride. Displays good eye/hand coordination, gets vertical, and is graceful catching the ball. Displays the ability to get downfield into the secondary as a pass catcher. Gets vertical over defenders and makes a lot of athletic receptions.

The Bad: Must improve his blocking techniques. On the ground too much. Does not display a good sense of timing.

The Verdict: After stepping on the football field at Miami last season, Graham displayed incredible skills and looks like a big-time talent. He has a ways to go before developing a complete game, yet he is a tremendous prospect who could reward the team that is patient developing his skills.

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