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Tackling Breast Cancer Reaches New Heights

After five seasons, the Eagles Tackling Breast Cancer program continues to be successful and has raised more than a million dollars to benefit breast cancer care and research in the Philadelphia area.

This season, the Eagles raised funds through the sale of their pink Tackling Breast Cancer hats and ties, as well as donations from their fans and corporate partners. A new sweepstakes offering a chance to win once-in-a-lifetime Eagles prizes, in return for a $10 donation, assisted in reaching this astounding total.

"Everyone has been touched in some way by this disease," said Christina Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles owner and President of the Eagles Youth Partnership. "With the help of our fans and sponsors, we have been able to raise enough money to directly impact breast cancer care in our area."

The money raised this season will assist in completing the second phase of construction at the Jefferson Breast Care Center. A new floor will be home to dedicated breast MRI and screening, an educational resource area complete with a library and access to community programs and patient care coordination. Once completed, this floor will be dedicated to Jeffrey and Christina Lurie and the Philadelphia Eagles in honor of their generosity.

"The Jefferson community is extremely grateful for the time and dedication the entire Eagles franchise put into the Tackling Breast Cancer program. Together we made quite a team," said Thomas J. Lewis, President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. "Education and enhancing the patient care experience is paramount at Jefferson and we are pleased to be able to expand our services thanks to the Luries and the Eagles."

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is recognized throughout the Delaware Valley as a leader in breast care delivery and breast cancer research. Over the last year 35,000 breast imaging studies were performed at The Jefferson Breast Care Center, which consolidates breast imaging and most treatment modalities into a patient-centered facility that is warm and comfortable, while providing state-of-the-art equipment and specialized clinicians and staff in breast disease. Serving over 40,000 patients a year, the center is the largest designated breast center in the Delaware Valley and provides digital mammography, breast ultrasound, image-guide biopsies and a dedicated staff who specializes in breast care.

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