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Jeffrey Lurie explains what 'It's A Philly Thing' means to him

Jeffrey Lurie
Jeffrey Lurie

PHOENIX – A German reporter asked Jeffrey Lurie what "It's A Philly Thing" meant to him during Opening Night at the Super Bowl. Said Lurie: "Being so obsessed with the Eagles that nothing else comes into play. I try to explain to those who aren't in Philly the passion of our fan base. We don't have many away games, honestly. We dominate the other stadiums in an incredible way. It's a Philly thing to be really proud to be an Eagles fanatic."

Lurie is preparing for his third Super Bowl since he purchased the Eagles and he feels every bit of the excitement and every other emotion that we all feel, if not more.

"They're all wonderful groups of people, I'm proud of them all, and it's a combination of intense pride of where your team is at and extreme nervousness," Lurie said, "because we so want to win another one and bring another championship back to Philly and our fans. I'm really proud and also extremely nervous. We have a really good team and so does Kansas City and it should be a great game for fans across America and around the world."

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