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Shanahan: Execution Is Key

On Sunday afternoon, Mike Shanahan will lead his Washington Redskins into Lincoln Financial Field, looking to avenge a 33-27 loss to the Eagles in Week 1.

While both sides have come a long way since that Early-September night, Shanahan knows the biggest difference for the Eagles is their change in signal-caller. With Michael Vick out of the lineup with a hamstring injury, Shanahan is preparing for a red-hot Nick Foles, whom he believes has benefitted greatly from those playing around him.

"To be as relaxed as he looks in the pocket says a lot about the offensive line," Shanahan said via conference call. "He's getting the time that a quarterback needs and he's reading secondaries very well. A big part of that is LeSean McCoy and the running game. He's keeping people off- balanced as well, and they're doing a great job."

In the first meeting, Chip Kelly's offense seemed to catch the Redskins off-guard, especially during the first half in which in the Eagles ran 53 offensive plays, racking up 322 yards of offense and 21 first downs. Shanahan has had more time to watch film and adjust his defense this time around, but he knows that the offense is still just as dangerous.

"It's a product of what Chip has done, and there are a couple of wrinkles that are new to every offense, but I think it's a product of what he's done in college and what he has brought to the pro game," said Shanahan. "I don't think there are a lot of new wrinkles, but the execution over the last couple of weeks looks exceptional.

"They have the weapons and they have the type of attack to keep you off-balanced. What you have to do is play well. We have a lot more games to study, but to be honest, we studied (Kelly) a lot coming out of college. They out-executed us."

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