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Scouting Report On Draft Picks, Free Agents

Tony Pauline, NFL Draft analyst for *** and owner of ** provides analysis on the Eagles draft picks and rookie free agents ...*

  • WR Jeremy Maclin (1-19)

Analysis: Explosive, playmaking prospect who is a threat to score whenever he handles the ball. Plays much faster than his 40 time, can turn it on in one step, and runs away from defenders. Dangerous in the open field, and displays elusiveness as well as speed. Quickly gets off the line into routes, easily adjusts to the errant throw, and makes the reception in stride. Plays with good balance, body control, and uses his frame to shield away defenders. Gets vertical and extends to make the reception away from his frame, displaying good eye/hand coordination. Cannot be caught in the open field, and he strikes fear in opponents.

Review: Maclin is a game-impacting skill player who could help a team in a variety of ways. He possesses solid receiving skills, and at the same time, he is dangerous returning punts or kicks. Maclin offers a tremendous amount of upside potential, and he will see immediate action on special teams as a rookie in the NFL while he develops into a number one receiver.

  • RB LeSean McCoy (2-53)

Analysis: Talented ball carrier with the ability to elude defenders and create his own yardage. Plays with good balance, body control, and displays terrific open field running skills. Quick footed, makes defenders miss, or will pick his way on the inside. Strings several moves together in a single run and uses all his blocks. Possesses the speed and agility to turn the corner, very elusive and squirts through the small openings of the defense. Possesses soft hands as a pass catcher, and picks up yardage running after the reception. Keeps the play in bounds, working to pick up positive yardage until the whistle blows.

Review:McCoy is a skilled ball handler with the ability to beat defenders around the outside or create his own yardage on the inside. He displays a complete game, offers a lot of upside for the next level, and he could be very productive as a rookie.

  • TE Cornelius Ingram (5-153)

    Pauline believes that Maclin can develop into a No. 1 receiver in the NFL

Analysis: Talented pass-catching tight end with natural receiving skills. Plays with good balance, body control, and displays soft hands. Runs better than average routes, and gets separation from defenders. Runs well laterally, adjusts to the errant throw, and easily makes the reception in stride. Extends his hands to make the reception away from his frame, and looks the ball in.

Review: Ingram was one of the higher rated prospects at the tight end position coming into the season, before his senior campaign was cut short. He's a solid athlete who would be a good fit for an offensive system such as the one run by the Indianapolis Colts, yet he must display that he is back to full health and improve on his game from where he left off in 2007. A mid-round choice, Ingram could end up as one of the better bargains in this year's draft.

  • CB Victor Harris (5-157)

Analysis: Fundamentally sound cornerback rarely challenged by opposing quarterbacks. Quick pedaling in reverse, fluid turning his hips, and displays a good burst to the ball out of his plant. Shows a burst of closing speed, lays out or extends to defend the throw, and possesses good hands for the pick. Reads receivers eyes, and gets his head back around, and then locates the pass in the air. Occasionally lined up at receiver as a senior, and displays solid pass-catching skills. Strong, gets off blocks and does a nice job defending the run.

Review: Harris is a nicely built cornerback, yet he lacks the speed for the next level. He could be effective backed off the line of scrimmage or in a zone system. Harris also brings with him the element of return specialist.

  • OT Fenuki Tupou (5-159)

Analysis: Nice-sized offensive lineman with potential at a number of positions. Strong at the point, gets movement run blocking, or anchors in pass protection. Stays square, makes terrific use of blocking angles, and keeps defenders in front of him. Fights with his hands throughout the action, keeps his head on a swivel, and works well with teammates. Aggressive and works hard to finish blocks. Well-built and naturally strong.

Review: Tupou has been a very solid player on the left side for Oregon the past two years. He has the body type and skill that could place him at right tackle or inside to guard. His game has progressed the past two seasons, and his best football is ahead of him.

  • WR Brandon Gibson (6-194)

Analysis: Consistent pass catcher who displays good awareness and a sense of timing. Fluid releasing off the line, effectively uses his frame to shield defenders and comes back to the ball out of breaks. Gets vertical and contorts to make the difficult reception, extending his hands to catch the ball away from his frame. Sells routes, works hard to get separation from defenders, and is reliable catching the ball.

Review: Gibson is a reliable pass catcher with a good feel for the game. He possesses no outstanding physical trait to his game, yet he could find a home as a fourth receiver on a roster.

  • G Paul Fanaika (7-213)

Analysis: Former walk-on who's shown a lot of ability the past four years. Blocks with good lean, quickly gets off the line, and immediately gets his hands into defenders. Stays square, jolts opponents with good hand punch, and rides them from their angle of attack. Seals defenders from the action with good body positioning, and turns them off the line. Plays with a nasty attitude, and looks to hit as many defenders as possible. Gets chips on linebackers at the second level, and flashes ability blocking in motion.

Review: Fanaika possesses the natural size and underlying skill play at the next level, as either a guard or potentially right tackle. He must take his game to another level in all aspects to meet the expectations scouts have of him and reach his upper limit of a possibility.

  • LB Moise Fokou (7-230)

Analysis: Athletic linebacker with a nice degree of upside potential. Fluid moving about the field, gets depth on pass drops and makes plays sideline-to-sideline. Quickly changes direction, shows speed out to the flanks, and covers a lot of area. Has a closing burst to the action, and forceful on the blitz. Strong, holds his ground against blocks, and redirects to the action. Fast enough to cut the corners off.

Review: Fokou is a prospect who really came on the past two years, and he's a football player who may just be hitting his stride. He should get better the more playing time he receives, and he has special teams possibilities.

  • DE Josh Gaines (RFA)

Analysis:Undersized college defensive end who plays with a non-stop motor. Fires off the snap, keeps his pads low to the ground, and is rarely off his feet. Effectively fights with his hands to protect himself, keeps his feet moving on contact, and is strong for his size. Shows a burst of speed to the action.

Review:Gaines is a hard-working prospect who gets the most from his abilities. Unlikely to be drafted, he has the approach and attitude that could make it tough to keep him off an NFL roster.

  • S Reshard Langford (RFA)

Analysis: Hard-hitting safety best between the numbers. Quick up the field in run defense, squares into ball carriers and wraps up tackling. Aggressive, voluntarily throws his pads into the action, and works hard to make plays. Helps out on coverage units as a special teams player.

Review: Langford is a tough, run-defending safety best playing in the box or up the field. He has the size and ability to be used as a backup strong safety, as well as the mental makeup to play on special teams.

  • FB Marcus Mailei (RFA)

Analysis:Tough, lead blocking fullback with limited skills carrying the ball. Very quick out of his stance, breaks down well, blocking with good leverage and pad level. Attacks assignments, shows a nasty streak as well as outstanding blocking vision. Relatively athletic, gets around the corner and creates space for running backs. Effective in motion, can hit a moving target and keeps his head on a swivel, displaying good awareness of what's happening around him. Slides laterally in pass protection shielding defenders from the action and jolts them at the point of attack with good hand punch. Accelerates into blocks, keeps his feet moving on contact and works hard until the whistle blows. Solid receiver out of the backfield who extends his hands and makes the reception away from his frame.

Review:Mailei is a well-sized fullback who plays much faster than his 40 time. He does the little things well and offers the mentality an approach to be a special teams demon. Mailei is a sleeper at the fullback position and a potential late round choice with a real opportunity to make an NFL roster.

  • RB Walter Mendenhall (RFA)

Analysis: Large, powerful running back with an array of ball-carrying skills. Patient, waits for blocks to develop, and runs with good lean and balance. Displays solid vision, above- average instincts, and slips defenders in a small area. Shows a burst of speed, can turn the corner, and is surprisingly fast in the open field. Will pick and choose his way on the inside, tough to bring down, and rarely tackled by the first defender. Keeps his feet driving up the field and moves the pile.

Review: On film it is apparent Mendenhall has the skill and ability to play at the next level. He displayed flashes of brilliance last year, and he will find a roster spot as a back-up running back if he continues to progress on the field and improves his consistency.

  • G Dallas Reynolds (RFA)

Analysis:Strong, stout blocker who comes off an outstanding season after moving to the center position. Plays with good lean, effectively fights with his hands, and strong in his upper body. Stays square, blocks with leverage, and controls opponents at the point of attack. Solid position blocker who effectively seals open holes in the middle of the line. Terrific with a shotgun snap, as the ball quickly gets back into the quarterback's hands. Effectively quarterbacks the offensive line, and makes the calls. Displays terrific quickness in his all-around game. Keeps his head on a swivel, and works well with teammates. Plays with a nasty attitude and blocks down well on defenders.

Review: Reynolds is a physically mature lineman with size and the versatility to be used at a number of positions. He stood out this season at center, and significantly improved his draft grade.

  • CB Courtney Robinson (RFA)

Analysis: Feisty and fundamentally sound cornerback, with a good head for the game. Jams opponents at the line of scrimmage, slowing their release off the snap, fluid transitioning to run downfield, and does a nice job getting his head back around and locating the pass in coverage. Aggressive, gets after opponents and wraps up tackling. Quick up the field to defend running plays or screen passes. Runs well laterally with opponents, and does a nice job positioning himself to defend the throw.

Review:Robinson is a well-sized defensive back with the ability to be used in a dime package, and he also offers the element of a return specialist. Unlikely to be drafted, he will be brought into a camp this summer, and he could make it as a team's ninth defensive back.

  • RB Marcus Thigpen (RFA)

Analysis: Quick footed ball carrier who displays outstanding open field running skills. Patient, waits for blocks to develop, and quickly finds the hole. Elusive, creates his own yardage, and makes defenders miss. Runs low to the ground, plays with excellent balance, and shows a burst of speed. Easily turns the corner, uses blocks everywhere on the field, and shows toughness in his all-around game. Consistently gives his offense good field position with long kick returns.

Review: Thigpen is a multi-dimensional ball carrier with the skills to help an NFL team in a variety of ways. He does not possess the physical size to be an every-down player, yet he shows the ability to be a terrific third-down back. Thigpen's production on special teams this summer will dictate whether or not he makes a final roster.

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