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Reid: The Mistakes Are Correctable

In the marathon of the NFL regular season, Sunday's loss to the Dallas Cowboys was just 1/16th of the entire equation. It is the one, however, that sticks in the minds of fans the most since it was the most recent. And, with what was on the line, it was the most disappointing result.

The mistakes dominate the mind like the itching created by poison ivy. The missed opportunities permeate in the air like the stench from rotting garbage.

The Eagles will face the same exact Dallas Cowboys team this Saturday night which adds to the upcoming challenge. This time, there is even more on the line. The winner continues in its quest for the Super Bowl. The loser is headed home for the off-season.

But head coach Andy Reid has already turned the page from Sunday's defeat. And he's embracing the chance to rectify the mistakes against the same team only six days later.

"There's a positive to this amongst the negative. The positive is that you're in the playoffs and very seldom do you have an opportunity to play a team that just got after you a little bit a second time. We have that opportunity to correct ourselves," said Reid. "That's an approach I expect the guys to take and I think with the leadership on this team that will take place."

The offense was held to a season-low 228 yards. The defense allowed a season-high 179 rushing yards and a total of 474 yards. Reid said that the mistakes he saw on the game film have not been made since earlier this season.

"We were able to correct them (then) and I expect to correct them now," Reid said.

Of course, it would have been great for the Eagles to head into the playoffs on the heels of a seven-game win streak. While that's not the case, Reid is "not worried" about the team's confidence level.

"I expect them to get back out and as coaches and players figure out the problem, get back out and execute," Reid said. "That's what we have to do."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 4:10 p.m., January 4

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