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Former Eagle and current analyst for FOX Sports and NFL Network, Brian Baldinger, was in Seattle on Sunday for the Eagles' 26-7 win over the Seahawks. Here's his perspective on how the Eagles performed ...

"I was in the booth for Sunday's game in Seattle and generally liked a lot of what I saw from the Eagles – after the first quarter. They can't get off to that kind of a start – giving up a 90-yard touchdown and having the quarterback throwing the ball into the ground – and expect to beat a good team.

"But if the Eagles play the way they did in the last three quarters of the game on Sunday, they will give the Giants – and any team – all that they can handle. Donovan McNabb was red hot, he couldn't miss, and when he plays like that the Eagles have more than enough weapons to beat any team in the league.

"Defensively, the Eagles are really, really sound. There isn't a cornerback in the league who reads routes like Asante Samuel. They played inspired football after that first play. Now, Eli Manning and Seneca Wallace are in two different leagues so the Eagles have to be razor sharp on Sunday night. The Giants have an extremely athletic offensive line and they run the ball very, very well. The way you slow that running game is to get penetration. That is what Pittsburgh did to the Giants effectively.

"Jim Johnson has to come up with a great game plan. He will incorporate some of the things that Pittsburgh did and weave them into his preparation for Sunday night.

"Look, I think the Eagles are contenders. They are in the thick of things. It's good to see David Akers get his stroke back on his field goals, and he kicked off very, very well. That was huge.

"I'm in love with DeSean Jackson. He is as exciting a young player as I've seen, and I'm including Jackson in there with (Atlanta quarterback) Matt Ryan and (Tennessee running back) Chris Johnson in that statement. Jackson is fearless, absolutely fearless. The way the Eagles are feeding him, the way they throw to him and use him on special teams, he could have a huge second half of the season.

"Jackson, to me, is an X-factor for the Eagles. I think he is going to make some big, big plays the rest of the season for this team."

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