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Nick Foles: Man On The Run

Is there anything Nick Foles can't do?

He's thrown seven touchdowns in a single game. He's won all three of his starts on the road this season. He's guided the Eagles to a three straight wins and first place in the NFC East.

Oh, and he even outgained Robert Griffin III on the ground.

Foles had nine rushes for 47 yards, both career highs, while Griffin III had 44 yards on 10 carries. For Foles, this is the second straight week he has set new career highs in rushing attempts and yards after gaining 38 yards on eight carries in the win over Green Bay.

"It was just sort of a byproduct of what they were giving me and they presented it and I was just trying to get as much as I could and get down. The big thing I talked to (LeSean McCoy) about is I don't know how you run this much because it's a different game than dropping back. You know running, trying to get first downs and stuff, so it's something I am continuing to get used to.

"I am having fun with running and I am starting to get used to it. I have never really been a running quarterback, so it's fun going out there start running and getting the feel for it because it is something different. I feel like week to week I am getting more and more comfortable with it. It is really helping us get first downs and before long they will really have to account to me and it will open up."

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