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Nick Foles 'Absolutely Ready' To Be The Starting Quarterback If Needed


Nick Foles stepped onto the field with 13:58 remaining in the fourth quarter with the Eagles trailing the Rams 35-31.

By that point, quarterback Carson Wentz had already made his way to the visitor's locker room leaving the offense in Foles' hands. Despite the daunting task, Foles quarterbacked the Eagles to a crucial 11th win over his former team and the Eagles were crowned NFC East champs for the first time in four years.

As things would have it, Foles was the quarterback under center when the Eagles last won the title back in 2013.

"I just saw him favoring his leg a little bit and it's just one of those things where he toughs it out and threw a touchdown," Foles said of Wentz. "He's one of the toughest players I've played with and then (he) came to the sideline and got checked and (I) was just told, 'Be ready to go in,' and that's when I went in."

Foles ran for 9 yards on his first play. Two plays later, he hit Alshon Jeffery for a first down. Another two plays later, he spotted Trey Burton for 16 yards and a first down. Jake Elliott polished off the drive with a field goal.

Foles finished the game 6-of-10 for 42 yards. He quarterbacked two more drives with one of them ending in another Elliott field goal that gave the Eagles the lead. Perhaps Foles' biggest play came on a third-and-8 conversion to Nelson Agholor which allowed the team to run down the clock leaving just a second for the Rams to respond in the 43-35 victory.

"Everyone's really excited because we put in a lot of work this season. We've won a lot of games. Great team effort," Foles said. "Carson's been a big piece of that puzzle. Everyone's been excited about the win, yeah, but when you have your starting quarterback go down, it's emotional.

"It was emotional for me, I work with him every day. We do everything together. I'm excited we won but at the same time, I'm dealing with it emotionally with him going down. You never want that."

It's unknown the severity of Wentz's injury but Foles has experience in Philadelphia leading the Eagles to a 14-4 record as the starting quarterback from 2013-14 before being traded to the Rams in the 2015 offseason.

"Excited we're NFC champs but we're emotional. (Wentz's) a guy you work with every day, you think the world of. I know what I said earlier; I think he's the MVP," Foles said. "It's not easy but I know this team will step up and rally no matter what, so we'll see what happens from here."

When asked if he was prepared to lead the team if Wentz were to have an extended absence, he answered confidently.

"I'm absolutely ready. That's why I'm here," he said. "So I'm ready to go I prepare every day, work every day – if need be.

"Coach Pederson showed a lot of confidence with me and I have a long history with him. He knows I can go out and play so we'll see what happens."

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Los Angeles Rams at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and clinched the NFC East.

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