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MLB Josh Hull Scouting Report

MLB Josh Hull, Penn State
Pos. Rank: 7 Grade: 6th Round Height: 6-2 1/2 Weight: 237 40: 4.93 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Tough, blue-collar linebacker with a terrific head for the game. Breaks down well, uses his hands to protect himself and slides off blocks lateral laterally. Instinctive, quickly diagnoses the action and fires up the field in run defense. Stacks well against the run, holds his ground against blocks and wraps up tackling. Wraps up ball-carriers at the point of attack.

The Bad: Possesses a marginal burst of speed, not quick changing direction and struggles in coverage. Beaten downfield by tight ends and does not display good range on the field.

The Verdict: Hull did a terrific job the past few seasons after being forced into the starting lineup. Lacks the great upside but is a solid run defender who can back up on the inside of a 3-4 alignment or be used at middle linebacker as well is on special teams.

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