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ManUpPHL seeks to curtail the ongoing gun violence problem in Philadelphia

The Eagles continue to support nonprofits that work to reduce barriers to opportunity and end racism. In support of Black History Month, the Eagles are proud to recognize the work of one of these nonprofits each day.

Gun violence has been an ongoing issue in the City of Philadelphia that has yet to be solved. However, ManUpPHL aims to curtail the problem by mentoring men between the ages of 18-35, as they are statistically most likely to be victims or perpetrators of gun violence.

ManUpPHL does this by providing men with the resources to succeed in life and avoid being another victim or perpetrator of gun violence. To help with their cause, the Eagles granted ManUpPHL $5,000 via the Social Justice Fund.

"We've spent years cheering for the Eagles and now the Eagles are cheering for us," said ManUpPHL founder and WURD radio host Solomon Jones. "It felt good to know one of the organizations that's been in our city for almost 100 years has recognized the need to support community organizations and has been doing it in a real and tangible way."

ManUpPHL quickly put the grant money to good use by putting together another round of care packages that include food, clothing, and transportation for the organization's mentees.

"The monies that we receive are monies that go directly to helping men to not be engaged in gun violence and hopefully save some lives," Jones said.

"We've got one guy now that's starting a job, so we've asked him for a list of what it is that you need in order to make it through until you're completely on your feet with your paychecks," he later added.

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