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Kolb: I Want To Be A Starter

The story of the Eagles' 2010 season figures to once again dominate headlines for the team this off-season - two starting-caliber quarterbacks and only one starting position to be had. Kevin Kolb, of course, began the season as the Eagles' starter after a full offseason to prepare for the role, only to be displaced halfway through the first game of the season by Michael Vick, who would go on to star for the Eagles en route to a season that put him on the Most Valuable Player map.

Unlike Kolb, who is signed through the 2011 season, Vick is slated to be a free agent this offseason, though reports indicate that the Eagles plan to place their franchise tag on the 30-year-old left-hander. Those same reports have suggested that the Eagles, in choosing to keep Vick, would be willing to entertain trade offers for Kolb. However, those best laid plans are at the mercy of the uncertainty regarding the expiring Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Eagles can neither re-sign Vick nor trade Kolb - or any other player for that matter - until a new CBA is agreed to. That leaves all parties involved in limbo.

In the mean time, all everyone can do is wait and conjecture. On Tuesday, Kolb appeared on the Dan Patrick radio show and reiterated his desire to start somewhere in 2011 and gave light to his relationship with head coach Andy Reid.

"My big deal is I just want to start somewhere," Kolb told Patrick. "I feel like I'm ready and have confidence that I can do a good job.

"I had a meeting with Andy, and told him that I feel like I'm prepared, I'm ready to take that next step ... People may call me crazy, but I trust Andy. He's always done what's best for (me) and our team and my career. I really believe that. And I know he'll do the same thing here, regardless of what that may be, whatever he thinks is right. But I'm looking into my fifth year now so it's time. I think I've learned as much as I can possibly learn by sitting on the bench and watching and coming in in relief. I'm ready to just get out there and get in that full mode of being a starter, (having) the entire offseason, the whole deal. There are going to be some highs and lows and some bumps. I know that. But I'm ready to iron those out on the field and then keep moving forward and getting better as a football player."

How did Reid respond, according to Kolb?

"He said 'I know you do and you're ready,'" Kolb said "And I just have to sit down and analyze this whole thing and see where we stand. And he does. I will say that he thinks thoroughly through every situation and everything that might come of his decisions. From what we understand, they haven't got a chance to really sit down and talk about those things with the CBA being the way it is and with new hires and fires going on everywhere, so I believe that. And that's all I can do and move forward and just let everybody know that I feel like I'm ready and looking forward to my opportunity."

If Kolb does end up getting traded, he prefers the move to happen sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, he and the Eagles are at the mercy of the CBA in that regard.

"Obviously, the sooner the better because you can get settled in, you can get your mind set on what you have to do and where you're going to be," Kolb said. "But I think this year's going to be crazy for everybody. There are a lot of things that are up in the air so again, we'll be patient and hopefully the sooner the better, something'll get done, if it does get done."

Click here to listen to the full interview.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 4:26 p.m., February 1

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