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Jordan Davis makes most of time on sideline

Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis made the most of his time when he was sidelined with a high-ankle injury and spent four weeks on Injured Reserve, so all of that conditioning work should help him now that he's on the practice field and making daily progress working his way back into the Eagles' defensive tackle lineup.

Davis said he lost 20 pounds during that time working with the Eagles' athletic training staff and that when he gets back on the field – there is no timetable, but for sure, Davis and the team are encouraged by his progress – he will be in even better shape than he was prior to the injury when the 2022 first-round draft pick was positively impacting the line of scrimmage in Philadelphia's favor.

"I worked it out there, kept pushing through. You want to put the injury in a stressful situation (practice) before a stressful situation (a live game), so it was good. It tweaked on me a couple of times, but I waited just a little bit and it went away and then it was time to go full-tilt again," Davis said. "I'm taking this a play at a time."

Davis said that during the time of his injury he would do "whatever I can" to work out – work on his upper body in the weight room, get on the stationary bicycle in the conditioning room – "anything to keep me lined up" and he was wise with his food choices.

"You don't want to eat your way out of condition," he said. "I wanted to come back as the same person I was before the injury, or even better. That's what I strived for. Just getting better. It's a process. It's being a professional."

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