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J. Jackson On The Offensive Line

Eagles center Jamaal Jackson has been the only projected starting offensive lineman who hasn't been sidelined by injury during the preseason. On a night when the Eagles got two of those players back, left tackle Jason Peters and right guard Stacy Andrews, they also learned that left guard Todd Herremans would require surgery for a stress fracture on his left foot and will miss several regular season games.

As far as the bad news goes, Jackson said the team is lucky to have Nick Cole and Max Jean-Gilles as quality backups.

"(Herremans' surgery) would have affected us from the standpoint of, if he had played this game," Jackson said. "But Todd's been out of a couple of games here and, worst case scenario, we kind of figured it could go this way.

"But luckily we have guys that are backing him up that have starting capabilities."

Jackson was very pleased with the improved play of the line after getting Peters and Andrews back.

"That was a big help," Jackson said. "I think, for one, for Stacy coming out, you know he hadn't had any live game experience with us and it was a big boost for him just letting him know that he had confidence in that knee. So, I think that he did great with the amount of rep and the amount of snaps that he got.

"And, having Jason back, you know that helps us out a lot. That pretty much solidifies our right tackle spot."

But there is still work to be done. The Eagles first-team offense stalled several times in the red zone, especially in the first half.

"Of course you want to convert those into touchdowns instead of field goals," Jackson said. "You know, it raises a little bit of concern. But we also don't have a full compliment of offensive plays.

"We'll work on it this week and get better at it; we don't have any choice."

The Eagles comeback victory provided Jackson with a little something extra - bragging rights over his younger brother Jervonte, who is a member of the Jaguars. Jervonte Jackson was originally in Eagles camp until he was cut when the Eagles signed Jason Babin.

"It was great (to see his brother on the opposite sideline)," Jamaal Jackson said. "You know, things didn't work out for him here in camp, but I'm happy that he got an opportunity on some other team."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 12:29 a.m., August 28

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