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Iyer Tackles QB Quandary

Vinnie Iyer of The Sporting News weighs in on what he believes is the best-case scenario for the Eagles and their quarterbacks.

In examining all three quarterbacks, Iyer breaks down the pros and cons for each and even includes comments from ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley and NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger.

The verdict: Iyer believes trading McNabb is the best solution to the Eagles' quarterback quandary.

Writes Iyer: "As tough as it might be for coach Andy Reid and owner Jeffrey Lurie, the Eagles can't be conservative; instead, they should trade McNabb. Sure, the bold Terrell Owens signing a few years ago didn't quite work out, but that aggressive move did help the team reach Super Bowl XXXIX.

"'Andy Reid has a hard time letting No. 5 go because it was his first pick - and a great pick,'" Baldinger said. "'The hardest thing for a coach is to let a player go whose time has come and gone. There is great emotion involved.'"

"Kolb has the confidence and talent to take the reins. And Vick, with a $5 million price tag in '09, would be more acceptable as a No. 2 quarterback. In the ideal situation, the Eagles would trade Vick, too, and stock up on draft picks to help rebuild the defense."

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 2:55 p.m., March 23

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