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How will Nick Sirianni handle the Super Bowl bye week? 

Nick Sirianni
Nick Sirianni

Head Coach Nick Sirianni met the media via teleconference on Tuesday for the first time since finding out that the Kansas City Chiefs would be the Eagles' Super Bowl LVII opponent and discussed a variety of topics, including his respect for the Chiefs, his past with that organization, and the growth he made during that time – for example, an ancillary benefit is that he met his wife, Brett, when he served as an offensive quality control coach and then wide receivers coach from 2009-12 – and how Philadelphia would segment the two weeks between the Conference Championship Sunday and the Super Bowl.

The Eagles players returned to the NovaCare Complex – for meetings and a lift session – for the first time since defeating San Francisco 31-7 on Sunday to advance to the franchise's fourth Super Bowl in team history.

Sirianni, of course, has great respect for the Chiefs, a team that went 14-3 in the regular season to earn the No. 1 seed in the AFC Postseason. Kansas City, under the direction of former Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid, has now reached the Super Bowl in three of the last four seasons, winning it all in the 2019 season (February 2, 2020).

"Obviously, they've been really good for a long time, great organization," Sirianni said. "Coach Reid is a great coach, and (Kansas City quarterback) Patrick Mahomes is one of the best players in the world, (Kansas City tight end) Travis Kelce, (Kansas City defensive tackle) Chris Jones. They have good players everywhere, and really good coaching.

"We're just in our early stages of studying them, having a couple weeks here. Yesterday (Monday) was more of a review of the game day and doing some of the logistics things and then with everything, but then today, we're in our early stages of studying the Chiefs, and that's where we are right now. But really good team, obviously, as you would expect, as they're in the Super Bowl."

The Eagles have experienced this before, in the 2017 season, with a previous coaching staff. However, there are many members of the organization still here and there are seven players on the active roster who were on that Super Bowl LII-winning team, so the road isn't entirely new for Sirianni.

Plus, he has a network of friends around the league he can reach out to for help.

"I've talked to a lot of different guys," Sirianni said. "Obviously, a handful of guys were here as far as our players go for the Super Bowl in 2018, but there were a lot of people in the building that were here and that's obviously an advantage, schedule-wise, things like that. I've talked to multiple different coaches, (Passing Game Coordinator) Kevin Patullo has helped me a lot with that, as well, being able to reach out to some of the other coaches that have went through this before. We feel good about our schedule, about what we're doing this week, about what we're going to do next week, and everything like that. You just go through the process like you do with everything else and try to leave no stone unturned when you're thinking about what's the best schedule for you as your team.

"And the year is different, right? The year is different. We obviously have the schedule that the team used in 2018, but there are obviously going to be some adjustments and differences because the way we practice is different. There are just some different things. But just trying to not leave any stone unturned and do what's best for us as a team."

Sirianni wants to keep the players' schedule as similar as possible to what they have experienced throughout the year, and certainly his daily message remains the same as it has been since he arrived here in 2021. This isn't the time to go off on a tangent. This is the time to stay consistent.

The Eagles have won 16 of 19 games with that messaging and it's not going to change now.

"It's going to go back to the same thing that we kind of started the playoffs with, it is the next game, and don't try to make it too much. Don't try to make too much of it as far as – we understand the stakes. Everybody understands the stakes, but our job is to literally look at the day of where we are right now and take the steps that we need to take today. That's not going to change. I don't care – this is the biggest game in football. We all know that. It's the biggest game; it's the Super Bowl. It's the biggest game that anybody will ever play in football. We understand that," Sirianni said. "But when you start treating these games differently, that's when mistakes happen. That's when you don't stick to the process of who you are and your identity as a team, your fundamentals, all the things we've been talking about all year.

"And that's not to say scheduling. You're going to do different things scheduling because next week is going to require different things scheduling, so you try to go and talk to different people that have been here before, just like I do with everything. I try to talk to the experts that we have in the building on things and then make a decision that's best for the team. As far as just the overall everything that goes along with the game, halftime is different, so that will be a little bit different, how we do that. Everything else is just be as in the moment as possible and not think about the magnitude of the game, because it is, it's just the next opportunity for us to get better for each other, for us to get better as individuals, and for us to go out and play for each other one more time this year.

"This is the last time this team will be together, but that doesn't mean you treat it any different. You go about it the exact same way. I can't wait to go up there and finish some of our first- and second-down plan that we're doing right now with the guys and just go through the same process over and over and over again. That's something I learned so much last year, too, of just being 2-5, how are we going to climb out of this hole that we're in? One day at a time, one meeting at a time, one practice at a time, over and over and over and over again."

The latest addition to the gallery is a look at the Super Bowl Media Day with FOX in preparation for the network's broadcast of the big game.

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