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Headlines: Third Downs A Focal Point

Top of the morning, Eagles fans! For the first time all winter, it's a snowy one out there! But that shouldn't stop you from reading about your favorite football team, so curl up with some hot chocolate and a blanket - yes, even if you're at work - and catch up on the latest headlines ...

The Eagles re-signed linebacker Brandon Hepburn, who spent this season on the practice squad, on Monday.

Taking a look at the Birds' offensive efficiency on third downs and what stands to be improved for next season.

After making more strides during the year, quarterback Matt Barkley has his sights set on a critical offseason.

A look back at the 14 rookies that were a part of the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders ...

Other Views

Sizing up linebacker Marcus Smith, who will look to take big steps in his second year in the league.

A quick look at the ongoing NFL playoffs, taken with an Eagles slant.

Another batch of mock drafts, the first of many this offseason, this one from CBS Sports.

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