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Headlines: Defense Eager For Sunday

Rise and shine, Eagles fans! It's a beautiful, sunny Wednesday out there, the prime time for a kickstart to the second half of your week while the Eagles do the same. Head coach Chip Kelly will address the media later this morning, and you can start your day with some of the latest headlines ...

Cornerback Roc Carmichael returned to the Eagles Tuesday, the team and organization he considers to be his home in the league.

The Eagles' defense is more than ready to bounce back this weekend against the Titans.

How far away is the offense from clicking? Dave Spadaro says not very.

Rookie wide receiver Jordan Matthews has ten games under his belt, and he's not playing like your average rookie.

Cool heads will prevail, Eagles fans. Sunday's loss? It was just one game.

Earlier this week, Eagles season ticket members showed off their artistic abilities as they helped paint the new Darien Street mural ...

Other Views

Defensive coordinator Bill Davis was impressed with cornerback Bradley Fletcher's resiliency Sunday.

The Eagles' offensive line is showing improvement as the year moves on.

Taking a wide-eyed look at what ailed the Eagles' offense Sunday against the Packers.

Green Bay running back Eddie Lacy's 32-yard touchdown run is one Bill Davis is using as an example.

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