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First Quarter Review: Giants Lead 6-0

Michael Vick's return to the starting quarterback position did not immediately get the Eagles' offense back on track after the struggles a week earlier in a loss to Dallas.

The Eagles failed to gain a first down until James Casey caught an 11-yard pass with just over two minutes remained in the first quarter. A Vick interception and then a stalled drive was all the Eagles had prior to that play, and the good feeling didn't last long as Vick was pressured and called for intentional grounding a couple of plays later.

After three offensive possessions in the quarter, the Eagles had gained a total of 16 offensive yards in 11 offensive snaps, and the Giants led 6-0 after the first quarter.

New York won the toss and failed to gain a first down, and the Eagles lined up DeSean Jackson as the punt return man. Steve Weatherford's punt went out of bounds after only 30 yards, so the Eagles had their first possession at their 41-yard line.

But the Eagles failed to take advantage. After two plays gained 3 yards, quarterback Michael Vick, given plenty of time in the pocket, threw wildly for tight end Brent Celek and safety Antrel Rolle made a diving interception at the New York 36-yard line. A celebration penalty moved New York back to its 21-yard line to begin the drive.

Eli Manning completed a 22-yard pass to Hakeem Nicks on a back-shoulder throw to gain a first down at the Philadelphia 49-yard line, and then Michael Cox gained 9 yards to the 40-yard line. Manning found Victor Cruz open at the 22-yard line for an 18-yard gain and the Giants were in scoring position.

The defense held there, though, and Josh Brown kicked a 40-yard field goal for the Giants to give the visitors a 3-0 lead with 7:30 to go in the first quarter.

Vick and the offense didn't get anything going on its next possession and a Donnie Jones 53-yard punt, Manning went right back to work with a 27-yard completion to Brandon Myers to the Philadelphia 44-yard line. Another completion to Nicks moved the ball into scoring position, and Brown ended a 7-play 45-yard drive with a 44-yard field goal and the Giants led, 6-0.

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