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"Emotions Are Always Higher In This Game"

It's Dallas week, a fact the Eagles are well aware of.

Whether they've been on the team for years or are just getting their first taste of this heated rivalry, players in the locker room understand how important this game is to Philadelphia and what it could potentially mean for the 2016 season. The Eagles don't need any extra motivation when taking on the Cowboys this weekend.

"The emotions are always higher in this game," center Jason Kelce said. "It is just another game but at the same point, I'd be lying if I said the emotions weren't different going into a game like this where you play against the team twice a year with meaningful games. I think the emotions are a lot higher in games like this."

"We embrace all of the hype – that it's the Cowboys, it's on the road, it's the division," safety Malcolm Jenkins said. "All of that, we embrace it because that's what it is and that's all we have right now."

There's clearly a lot on the line heading into this matchup as the winner will sit atop the NFC East. The Birds have defeated their rival in three straight games played at AT&T Stadium.

But, the past is in the past. Philadelphia isn't focused on the victories from years prior. It's worried about the task at hand and wants nothing more than to leave Dallas with a W, its first in the division during the 2016 season.

"It's the most important game right now and it's a fun one because obviously it means a lot right now in the season. It always means so much to everybody in this city," defensive end Connor Barwin explained. "So, it's an exciting one and we'll be ready to go and we'll play well."

The game won't be easy by any stretch of the imagination. The Cowboys are coming off their bye week sitting at 5-1 with one of the league's top offenses. Rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are surpassing expectations and dominating on the field.

The Dallas run game is especially going to be a challenge for the Eagles, but as long as they start fast and strong, they feel they have the skill to shut it down. They know the tone must be set early.

"We've got to go down there and come out with a lot of energy as a team," defensive tackle Fletcher Cox said, "and suck the air out of that stadium real quick."

Rookie or veteran, it's clear the players are going to be fired up come Sunday night. This team is hungry and ready to attack, hoping they'll come back to Philadelphia with another victory in Dallas.

"I know how much it means to this city, how much it means to these fans," quarterback Carson Wentz said. "There's a lot of excitement going on just with Eagles football, but definitely this week."

As we prepare for the first Eagles vs. Cowboys matchup of 2017, take a look back at some of these memorable moments.

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