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Eagles name 2022 captains

2022 Eagles captains
2022 Eagles captains

The Eagles have named seven captains for the 2022 season, as voted on by their teammates.

The elected players will trot out to the 50-yard line before the start of each game to represent their team, sporting a captain's patch on their jersey to signify the honor.

For some, they've been here before, assuming the role for multiple seasons. For others, this is the very first time they've earned captainship. Nonetheless, the honor is a meaningful one for all seven.

Here's how each player reacted:

C Jason Kelce

Kelce will wear the C on his jersey for the fifth time since the team instituted season-long captains in 2017. Though he's taken on this role for several years, he says this time it's different.

Kelce was sidelined for most of Training Camp with an elbow injury, so his leadership didn't manifest in the typical manner it has in the past. Even still, he's maintained the respect of his teammates.

"It's a little weird this year, not having been to Training Camp and not being out there with the guys. It's hard. You just try and help in any way you can, especially for younger guys. You keep an eye and make sure that you're trying to help them in anything with either immediate feedback from something they're doing, or proactive discussion on preventing something that might happen in practice," Kelce said.

"I haven't watched a lot of practice over the last seven years so to do that – well, absence makes the heart grow fonder. It's good to be back out there."

QB Jalen Hurts

It's nearly impossible to break Jalen Hurts' focus. He stays poised, collected, and professional – always yearning for improvement. His dedication to his craft and the betterment of his team has reflected in leadership. He'll sit at the helm as starting quarterback and captain for the second consecutive season.

"It means everything," he said. "I hold a lot of value to being a captain. I just want those guys to know I will give them everything I got. Every game, every play, every ounce of studying, every ounce of preparation is for the benefit of the group."

CB Darius Slay

"I almost shed some tears, but I had to hold it in."

Slay could hardly contain his emotions when he learned of his nomination. He's evidently made his mark on the team in just two seasons as an Eagle; the cornerback will enter his third sporting a captain's C for the first season of his entire football career.

"This is probably one of my biggest achievements in my career, honestly. Getting respected by your peers is bigger than anything else. Just for guys to depend on me and have me leading the ship, it feels very important to me. Guys trust in me and believe in me to do my job at a high level and do it the right way."

DE Brandon Graham

Graham is a presence to be known wherever he is. Throughout his career, his always vocal, upbeat demeanor has developed into an unmatched leadership role within the team. As the longest-tenured Eagle on the roster, he'll enter his 13th season wearing a revamped captain's patch with a golden C marking four years of captainship.

"This one means a lot to me too because now I finally get the gold star. It's the fourth one. You get four, and the whole patch is different. I'm just excited," Graham said.

K Jake Elliott

Elliott is consistent in all facets – in his play as one of the NFL's most reliable kickers, in his diligent practice habits, and in his focused attitude. It's that consistency that's garnered the attention of his team, and it's brought about his very first nod as captain as he enters his sixth year as an Eagle.

"It's pretty special, and it means a lot. I think I've just earned the respect of my teammates through how I show up and practice every day and work. I'm not a very vocal guy – I'm not going to be a big rah-rah leader. I think it's just the work I've put in over the years."

T Lane Johnson

Lane Johnson has been a fixture of the organization since he was drafted a decade ago, establishing the trust of his teammates through his dominance as a right tackle and passionate leader; fellow captain Jalen Hurts says he considers Lane Johnson an all-time great Eagle. He'll enter his 10th campaign as a captain for the first time in his career.

"First time since high school, so it's been a very long time. I'm happy, it's a cool honor."

DT Fletcher Cox

Cox is entering his 11th year as an Eagle and his fifth as a team captain – still, he remains grateful to the players surrounding him for the opportunity.

"It feels good. Number one, I just thank my teammates for choosing me to be a captain, to be one of the guys wearing a C on their jerseys. Out of respect, I just can't thank them guys enough for picking me again."

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