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Eagles Fans Take Over Tampa

Winning on the road is never easy. It's an incredibly difficult task to go into hostile, unfamiliar environment and win a game with tens of thousands of people rooting against you. For the Eagles, Sunday's game marked the team's third-straight road game. Luckily for them, many of their fans made the trip to Tampa Bay to help make Raymond James Stadium feel like a home away from home.

"I felt like it was a home game with all of the (Eagles fans)," quarterback Nick Foles said after the game. "There were a couple of times where the crowd was yelling and I thought 'Oh no, what happened?' and then I looked and it was all of the green and white jerseys and it was our fans. We had a tremendous amount of support here and we did last year as well. It's pretty fun when you're in an opposing stadium and you have that many fans that come and support you. They helped us tremendously."

It wasn't just the Eagles players who took notice of their brethren in the stands. Even head Coach Chip Kelly was taken aback at just how many Eagles fans were in attendance for Sunday's game.

"I thought it was awesome," Kelly said in his post-game press conference. "They were fantastic. It's great to be able to go on the road and see that many jerseys and see that many people running around in green and white. I thought they were huge. Our players enjoyed it. It's awesome when you go on the road and see that kind of support."

The Eagles will finally come home next Sunday to take on the divisional-foe Dallas Cowboys. The game could have a major influence on a potential playoff race down the road, with first place in the NFC East on the line. For Kelly and the rest of the Eagles, the fan support on the road has been tremendous, but the team is looking forward to finally coming back home and playing in front of a home-town crowd.

 "That was unbelievable," Kelly said of the Eagles fans that made the trip to Tampa. "You go into a foreign, away stadium and you listen to the crowd chanting us on like that and it was awesome. I want to give them credit. It's great when we go on the road to see all of those Eagles fans running around. We've been successful for the last two weeks in row, and now we get to go home and play back in front of everybody back at (Lincoln Financial Field)."

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