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Spadaro: Arryn Siposs knows now is not the time to be content

Arryn Siposs
Arryn Siposs

Arryn Siposs believes he is better after all that the 2022 season offered. The terrific start. The injury at New York that cost him eight weeks of playing time. The 38-yard punt and 65-yard return by Kansas City's Kadarius Toney to set up a Chiefs touchdown in the Super Bowl and the "completely devastated" feeling Siposs had afterward.

It was the full spectrum of emotions and physical challenges for Siposs, who stands alone on the current Eagles roster at the punter position.

"Eight weeks out of the game (because of the injury), I have to own that (punt in Super Bowl) and I do and that's something that I have to live with for the rest of my life," Siposs said. "If I don't grow from that, I'm not going to be in the position that I am right now. I've worked hard to continue to get better. They believe in me and that's why I'm here right now and that's all I can continue to focus on and get better at."

Siposs said that, of course, it wasn't easy moving past the Super Bowl disappointment. He focused on the mental part of things but, like everyone, was extremely upset that the season ended the way it did.

"Tough. If I'm going to be honest, tough," he said. "I don't think there is any other way to describe it. It was a special moment for me and my family and I didn't deliver, so that's all there is to it. I continue to grow from that and get better. Everybody goes through some extremely tough times. We all did as a whole team in the end and we're all out here continuing to get better and make amends for what happened."

Check out the best images from Training Camp, presented by Independence Blue Cross, as the Eagles whittle the roster to 53 and prepare for the 2023 season.

Siposs faced competition in this Training Camp from rookie Ty Zentner, signed after the 2023 NFL Draft after his career at Kansas State. Zentner handled the punting duties on Thursday night – he also kicked off twice – as the Eagles gave him a chance to have a full game under his belt. The next day, the team released Zentner, leaving Siposs as the lone punter on the roster with one preseason game to go.

"It's the way the league works. You have to prepare for anything," Siposs said. "There are plenty of other guys on a list right now working their butts off to get an opportunity. That's just the way I see it. Whether someone is here or not, you've still got to go out there and deliver and perform and that's what I plan on doing."

Siposs had been doing it pretty darn well in his second Eagles season last year, averaging 45.6 gross yards per punt (39.6 net yards) until the second quarter of a Week 14 game at the Giants. New York blocked a Siposs punt and he recovered at the 2-yard line and advanced up the sideline 13 yards to the 15-yard line, where he was tackled and suffered an ugly ankle injury that knocked him out for the remainder of the regular season and through the NFC Championship Game.

Since then, it has been a little bit of everything for Siposs. His on-field focus has been to slow down, not rush things, and go through the proper mechanics and Siposs says he has been pleased with the way he's punted the ball throughout the summer. He's also a superb holder for placekicker Jake Elliott, so he has two big responsibilities as part of the crucial kicking game operation.

"I just have to have the same mindset. It doesn't matter what else happens," he said. "I have to have the same mindset and drive to go out there and deliver every time and whatever else happens, happens."

Siposs is in his rhythm and he will handle the punting duties in the preseason finale on Thursday night.

"We have a good group here and the coaches believe in me and that's what we'll go with," Siposs said. "That's my focus. Keeping it right here and now. I've reset myself and I'm ready to go mentally and physically and I'm looking forward to being able to show that."

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