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Eagles and Lowe's provide a deserving family with a life-changing kitchen makeover to improve the 'homegating' experience

In its 100th season, the NFL partnered with Lowe's to help fans experience the joy of attending a tailgate or game from the comfort of their homes, called "homegating."

With this launch, Lowe's teamed up with the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys, and popular DIYer Monica Mangin to complete football-themed home makeovers in one of three primary homegating areas – kitchen, living room, and patio for three families. The Eagles chose the Gaines family of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania for a breathtaking kitchen makeover after going through an extensive selection process.

Tia and Joel Gaines have four children and they all embrace the Eagles' super-fan culture. Their home is the place to be for gamedays as they welcome their friends and church community weekly for Eagles football and phenomenal food.

"The Eagles are a huge part of who we are as a family and our love for the City of Philadelphia," Joel said. "Our house is the house that everyone comes over to watch the games, so we do host a lot. We have people over all the time. Football brings people together. Food brings people together."

Their previous kitchen was spacious, but did not offer the style elements that the Gaines were looking for to maximize gamedays. The cabinets needed a facelift, the countertops signaled a blast from the past, and the peachy tile floor did not fit their aesthetic.

"Our kitchen is suffocating," Tia said in the family's contest entry. "It is a good size kitchen, but it feels kind of boxy. It does not represent us well. It is very difficult to host within that space. We have terrible seating in our kitchen. We have a ginormous table that takes up the whole center. There is no character to it. I just don't know where to start with updating it because it is so out of date."

Monica Mangin and Lowe's were able to come in and give the Gaines family the makeover their kitchen deserved. They gave the cabinets a dark green stain which complements the new stainless steal appliances. In the middle of the kitchen, the team built a new island with ample seating for their children. The space came together with the details including the Eagles-themed glassware and decorations on the wall. It is a one-of-a-kind area that is fit for a true Eagles super fan.

"When I saw the final product, I could not believe that was my kitchen," Tia said. "I could not believe how amazing the kitchen looked. I think we were all just amazed at the dramatic transformation. I really love how it turned out. It has that rustic feel that I love. I never thought I would like green cabinets. I not only like, but love these cabinets."

This opportunity provided by Lowe's, the NFL, and the Eagles not only renovated a kitchen, but changed a whole community. The Gaines family is now able to host the members of their church and friends for Eagles games every week in a space they are proud to call home.

"I'm truly speechless at this opportunity from the Eagles, the NFL, and Lowe's," Tia added. "When I filled out the application for the 'homegating' makeover, I really never thought in a million years that we would win it, I really didn't. But I am so honored to have this opportunity. It's bigger than just a new kitchen. Our home is a gathering place and the new kitchen makes it that much more fulfilling to open our home for hospitality and community."

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