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WR DeVonta Smith reflects on first Training Camp practice

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Eagle eyes were on rookie DeVonta Smith as he participated in his first NFL Training Camp practice on Wednesday. Smith was all smiles on the field. With Day 1 in the books, the 22-year-old Heisman Trophy winner has a lot of expectations for this upcoming season.

"I feel like individually I could've done things better, but it's the first day getting back into it and getting my mojo back," said Smith.

During practice, Smith was quiet and focused. He kept his eyes on the green and ears open to take in critiques from Wide Receivers Coach Aaron Moorehead. Moorehead and Smith shared various conversations and laughs after running drills.

Throughout the day, Smith had conversations with several players. Smith said he will take any advice he can get.

"If I can get any little detail, just coming off the field and asking guys what they saw from me today," Smith said.

Smith was excited to line up across from veteran cornerback Darius Slay and play against a defense as there were no team drills during the spring.

"It's the best way to get better," said Smith.

Smith does not feel too young as he is a part of one of the youngest wide receiver groups in the league. Being a rookie, Smith could take a leadership role after he shows how talented he really is in Training Camp.

"With everyone knowing we're all young, we can help each other, and we all learn from each other," he said.

The 6-foot-tall rookie was not hard to spot on the turf with his long, lean legs and expansive reach. He never wasted any time while practicing different drills. He was always first to start and ready to show off his skills. Smith was quick and light on his feet.

Smith ran plays with his old pal quarterback Jalen Hurts. The two previously played together at Alabama, but having that college background can only help so much, according to Smith.

"We gotta put our game back together," Smith said.

During the offseason, Smith and Hurts practiced together a couple of times. Both were seen chatting in between drills and after practice. The pair spoke highly of each other's leadership qualities.

"He leads by example, he doesn't really say much, but he's gonna be ready to work and go," said Hurts about Smith.

"He's the type of guy you want leading the team," said Smith.

Overall, Smith is the quiet guy. He wants to lead by example for the wide receivers.

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