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Could Eagles Work Way Back Into Third Round?

It could be a quick night for the Eagles' brass if they stick with their current picks. The Eagles own the fifth pick of tonight's second round (37th overall) as well as the 55th pick overall. In the third round, which is also being held tonight, the Eagles do not have any picks as a result of the trade to acquire the 13th overall pick which was used to select defensive end Brandon Graham. The Eagles owned two third-round picks, but sent those along with the 24th overall pick to Denver.

Will the Eagles find a way to get back into the third round? Certainly, the Eagles could use either of their second-round picks to move back. They also have a pair of fourth-round picks as well as future picks that could be used to move up as well. Bo Wulf highlighted the players that the Eagles could snatch in the second round showing that there is a lot of talent still on the board. Some of it may fall into the third round.

FOX 29 in Philadelphia floated another avenue that could be used to get back into the third round - trading quarterback Michael Vick.

Two high-profile quarterbacks - Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen and Texas' Colt McCoy - slipped through the first round last night. If they are selected in the second round, the Eagles could get a call about Vick. The X-factor here is supply and demand. Teams like San Francisco, Carolina and Oakland are constantly described as quarterback-needy. However, the 49ers had not one, but two chances last night to take Clausen or McCoy and opted to go with a pair of offensive linemen instead.

What if there are only two true "quarterback-needy" teams and those clubs take Clausen and McCoy? Is there a market for Vick? But maybe if a team like Minnesota, who likely will have Brett Favre again this season, drafts one of those quarterbacks, a play for Vick could be made.

And what would the Eagles do about a backup? Jeff Garcia's name has been mentioned in numerous reports. The Eagles could draft a quarterback, but to leave the backup job in the hands of a rookie would be dangerous. There are other veterans like Marc Bulger who are still on the market as well.

If the Eagles feel the need to get into the third round tonight, it certainly can be done one way or another.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:29 p.m., April 23

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