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Cheerleaders' Unforgettable Moments

If you've ever wanted to be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders, now is your chance.

The audition process begins in March with our Pre-Audition Workshops, with the Final Audition Show set for late April, and you can be a part of all of the action by auditioning to become a member of one of the most exclusive cheer squads in the NFL.

Being an Eagles Cheerleader comes along with the bright lights of NFL gamedays, but it's also much more than that. Don't believe me? Take it from the lovely ladies of the 2014 squad. We asked some of the squad members what their favorite moment has been since joining the team, and the wide array of answers shows just how much each member is able to accomplish while representing the Eagles organization ...

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"A moment I will never forget as a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader is being on Access Hollywood in NYC during their Super Bowl XLVIII special. As you can expect, it was a blistering February afternoon, but that did not stop the fans from lining up around the set to cheer on the show's coverage of everything from the best tailgating food to Wounded Warrior Travis Mills and his motivational story that was as tragic as it was inspirational. I will never forget Travis telling Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, the show's hosts, how even if he could go back in time and change what had happened to him, he wouldn't. Travis, even after losing portions of both his arms and legs from an IED while on active duty in Afghanistan, still believed that if he was able to just touch one person and show them that they had the strength and courage to go on even in what seems like the worst moment of their life, it was all worth it. Travis' charisma and passion for life is something that I will never forget and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity as a  Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader to meet amazing people like Travis who our out in communities every day making a difference." 



"My favorite Eagles Cheerleaders moment was when I was chosen to be Esquire Magazine's Monday Morning Cheerleader. Every Monday, Esquire features an NFL cheerleader interview discussing the details of that Sunday's home game. It was such a unique opportunity to be able to share my personal experience of the game from the sidelines, and to give my take on the plays and calls of the game. As an NFL Cheerleader, I was proud to show Esquire readers that we are true Eagles Football Fans!"



"If there is one thing that stands out for me, it is the EYP Playground Build the Eagles participate in every year! I've volunteered for it each year since I first made the squad in 2011 because helping build a playground and painting a mural with children in the community is a gift that keeps on giving! The Eagles organization lets the people of Philadelphia know that THEY are the organization and that everyone is a part of the Eagles family!"

-Amanda Grace


"This being my rookie year, I would have to say that my favorite moment by far was my first game. Nothing beats standing on the field, looking up at the crowd and realizing that not only are you a part of a team of 39 beautiful women and part of an amazing community with the most dedicated fans, but that finally you did it- you reached your dream of being a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader!"


"I had the opportunity to attend a high profile appearance, the 29th Annual Great Sports Legend Dinner to benefit the Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis. The event was a silent auction and dinner hosted at New York City's famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel. This was my favorite Cheerleading moment because I was able to help raise awareness for spinal cord injury research. To add to the excitement of the night, we attended the event with notable attendees such as Aretha Franklin!"


Casey represented the Eagles at the 2013 Pro Bowl and the inaugural Pro Bowl China Cheerleader Tour.

"My favorite moment as a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader was representing our organization at the 2013 Pro Bowl. The experience of building friendships with my fellow Pro Bowl Cheerleaders, appearing at community events and performing in front of over 47,000 fans at the 2013 Pro Bowl game was unforgettable. Taking the field at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii was one of the most special moments of my life. I am so honored to have been the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders 2013 Pro Bowl representative."



"Being chosen to represent the Philadelphia Eagles at the Official NFL Super Bowl Party in Montreal in 2012 is a memory that I will never forget.  As a cheerleader, we meet excited and passionate fans on a daily basis but being able to see and experience the passion for the NFL internationally was very rewarding. I'll never forget meeting all of the excited Canadian Eagles fans who were so excited to talk about their favorite players and to meet us!  We also had the opportunity to experience the city of Montreal as tourists, which allowed us to try out the local restaurants and see a lot of the historical side to the city which is absolutely beautiful. This trip had made me realize that without the Philadelphia Eagles I might not have ever been able to travel internationally or have this amazing experience!" 


President Don Smolenski and the Eagles Cheerleaders toured the USS Somerset before it was commissioned on March 1 ...

"One of my most unforgettable NFL experiences was visiting the USS Somerset, before it was commissioned into the United States Navy in March of last year. Named after Flight 93's crash site in Somerset County, PA, the USS Somerset honors the brave passengers of Flight 93, who fought against a terrorist high-jacking attack, and prevented the plane from reaching its intended target on September 11, 2001. While visiting the naval ship, we were able to spend time with the servicemen and women onboard, listen to their stories of service, and personally thank them for all the sacrifices they make for our country. Walking through the ship, we noticed the passengers' names written on the interior walls of the ship, along with quotes and dates from the day of the attack. It was very emotional to visit the USS Somerset; we witnessed, once again, the unprecedented strength and dedication of the men and women who serve our country each day."



"Our trip to the 2012 Senior Bowl in Mobile Alabama was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Our stay was short but jam-packed with a variety of events including; volunteering at the Alabama Red Cross where we loaded up trucks with supplies for disaster victims, visiting the USA Hospital to help brighten the day of many sick children, rubbing elbows with local football fanatics at the games' tailgates, tasting Mobile's famous oysters, and even having police escorts on the way to the game! As soon as we stepped onto the field for the North vs. South game the marching band was blaring, fans were standing up in their seats showing their support, and the players left everything they had on the field in hopes of extending their football careers.

"Looking back, this trip was one of the most special for me because it embodies everything the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders stand for which is spreading enthusiasm, empathy, and support and without the Eagles organization I would not have had the opportunity so for that I am forever grateful."


On cold, wintry days like Monday, why not take a look back at the Snow Bowl, one of the most memorable Eagles games ever!

"The Snow Bowl will forever be my favorite moment as a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader. Being on the field for that particular game was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I could barely see what was 5 inches in front of me, but I could feel the energy that consumed the stadium. Seeing the fans and their extreme dedication made me as proud as ever to be an Eagles Cheerleader. The way our team played, even in the toughest of conditions was inspiring. Not one person was fazed by the blizzard, all that mattered was EAGLES FOOTBALL!" 



"I had the privilege of cheering alongside Rachel Washburn for the 2009 & 2010 seasons.  She is such a driven person and was someone I looked up to from the moment I became a part of the squad.  After her time with the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders, she went on to serve two tours in Afghanistan.  On Sunday, December 22, 2013, Rachel's inspirational story was featured on ABC World News, and I had the pleasure of being able to represent the current squad on that feature with her and speak about her character and our history cheering together.  Later that night at the Bears-Eagles game, we were able to honor her as our Hometown Hero and share with the fans her incredible story of bravery and the sacrifices she made to serve and protect." 



"In 2011, I was honored to represent the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders on a Goodwill Military Tour.  I traveled over 6,000 miles with five of my fellow teammates to Kuwait where we were given the opportunity to visit all the servicemen and women. Exploring the bases and having the chance to fly in Black Hawk helicopters were memorable; however, my absolute favorite part of the whole experience was getting the chance to spend time with the military members and having the chance to get to know them on a personal level.  It truly makes you realize how strong and brave these individuals are for everything that they do for the country.  Thank you to those who serve our nation and protect our freedom."    


The Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar will be unveiled on September 4th at the Miller Countdown to Kickoff, and each week in August we'll bring you exclusive behind-the-scenes access, like this excursion in Mexico ...

"Traveling to Riviera Maya, Mexico for the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles Calendar Shoot was one of my favorite and most memorable moments as an Eagles Cheerleader. Sunbathing on the beautiful beach with my teammates, going to squad dinners, and the actual photo shoot made the trip absolutely incredible, but nothing compared to the excursion we went on that included zip-lining! It was the first time most of us have zipl-lined, so we were all a bit nervous, not to mention it was the first time I've ever done something so risky. I'm so happy that I went through with it because it was the most thrilling experience."


"Being featured on the Nickelodeon TV show, NFL Rush, was my most memorable moment. In the episode, I showcased a day in the life of an NFL Cheerleader. There are many different aspects of our game day preparation and I was given the opportunity to share the experience through this segment. From pre-game appearances, to our on-field practice, there are many "behind the scenes" activities that take place prior to us stepping on the field. Take a look at the video to watch the full clip, Enjoy Eagles Fans!"


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