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Meet the 2023 Eagles Cheerleaders!

Talia is one of the 33 Eagles Cheerleaders for the 2023 season.
Talia is one of the 33 Eagles Cheerleaders for the 2023 season.

The Philadelphia Eagles have officially unveiled the Eagles Cheerleader roster for the 2023 season. This year's team is made up of 33 members who will proudly represent the organization as brand ambassadors. The squad performs for more than 70,000 fans on gamedays at Lincoln Financial Field and serves the community, both in Philadelphia and beyond, throughout the year.

Hundreds of impressive candidates spanning across the United States, as well as internationally, applied for the prestigious role. Comprised of eight new members and 25 returning veterans, the team includes an oncology research scientist, a data analyst, and an immuno-oncology researcher at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Get used to seeing the Eagles Cheerleaders under the bright lights as the team plays several prime-time matchups in 2023.

"We are excited to welcome eight new members to the 2023 Eagles Cheerleader Team," said Jen Kavanagh, Senior Vice President of Media and Marketing, Philadelphia Eagles. "As brand ambassadors for the organization, the Eagles Cheerleaders take great pride in giving back to the community and have a unique platform to engage with Eagles fans everywhere through their involvement in goodwill military tours, humanitarian efforts, and community outreach. They bring the energy and passion of the Eagles brand to life, and we look forward to the positive impact they will make this season."

"The Eagles Cheerleaders are thrilled to be making their 2023 season debut when they perform at our Public Practice at Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday, August 6," said Barbara Zaun, Director of Entertainment Teams, Philadelphia Eagles. "This year's newly selected cheerleaders are joining the organization at a very exciting time, as they will also take part in celebrating the return of the classic Kelly Green throwback uniforms alongside our fans."

The Eagles Cheerleaders will be sporting Kelly Green uniforms of their own this season.

The Eagles Cheerleaders will wear their own classic Kelly Green throwback uniforms on October 22 when the team hosts the Miami Dolphins and November 26 when the team hosts the Buffalo Bills. The return of the Kelly Green uniform is part of a much larger, season-long celebration designed to engage with the community in a variety of ways.

The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders are brand ambassadors and entertainers. Comprised of both women and men, they are professional, talented, community-minded individuals who represent the Eagles organization year-round. As brand ambassadors, the cheerleaders have a unique platform to serve as role models through their involvement in Eagles youth programs, raise awareness and funds for important causes such as Eagles Autism Foundation, and communicate initiatives as media representatives for the team. They are driven to make a positive impact on the people and world around them. The squad is diverse, socially conscious, and celebrates authenticity.

How was this year's squad selected? Check out photos from the Final Auditions.

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