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CB Patrick Robinson Scouting Report

CB Patrick Robinson, Florida State
Pos. Rank: 5 Grade: 2nd Round Height: 5-11 1/2 Weight: 190 40: 4.46 Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Physically gifted cornerback with a large degree of upside potential. Strong, jams opponents at the line of or defeats blocks making his way up the field to stop running plays or screens passes. Displays the ability to run with receivers anywhere on the field, has a terrific burst of speed and fights hard to make plays. Shows a nice break to the ball and flashes tremendous cover skills, reading receivers eyes then getting his head back around to effectively position himself to make a play on the ball. Wraps up tackling and brings ball-carriers down on initial contact.

The Bad: Marginally instinctive, will bite on receivers moves and all too often trails opponents then makes plays after the fact. Struggles making plays with his back to the ball.

The Verdict: Physically, Robinson grades out as an early pick in the draft, yet his mental skills are not on the same level. He offers an incredible amount of upside potential and could be a starter at the next level if the light ever goes on.

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