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Carucci: QB Situation Will Have Domino Effect On NFL senior columnist Vic Carucci explains that with Philadelphia being arguably the best "quarterbacking place" in the entire NFL, the Eagles are "positioned to potentially impact the quarterback futures of multiple clubs, beginning with their own."

Basically, the Eagles can shape the competitive balance of the league in 2010 and beyond depending on what they do with their trio of signal-callers.

"It's hardly an exaggeration to say that how the Eagles address their Donovan McNabb/Kevin Kolb/Michael Vick quarterback glut is among the league's most anticipated decisions of the off-season," Carucci wrote. "To what extent they do so is anyone's guess, but it's reasonable to assume that there will be movement of some kind. Such movement could quite possibly bring dramatic change to another team's fortunes while even affecting the competitive balance of one or more divisions."

Carucci states how no team in the NFL - not even the Colts, Saints or Patriots - have the depth at the quarterback position that the Eagles do. All three of the Eagles quarterbacks can start in the NFL. But all three are signed through the 2010 season. That's it. Carucci pointed out what many have speculated in recent weeks - that teams such as the Browns, Bills, Rams and Vikings can all change their fortunes with one transaction.

"With McNabb approaching his 34th birthday, the Eagles have to be looking at their long-term future," Carucci wrote. "Although going with Kolb is a risk, it does give them the chance to remain strong offensively while addressing other need areas from what they might get from trading McNabb and/or Vick.

"Meanwhile, teams such as the Browns, Bills and/or Rams could suddenly make a significant competitive leap. Or maybe the Vikings would have a more viable alternative should Favre finally decide to call it quits."

This is why the Eagles' QB situation will remain one of the most fascinating storylines of the off-season.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 10:20 a.m., February 19

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