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Brandt: Analyzing The QB Trade Talk

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post isn't a stranger to trade negotiations. As a consultant for the team last year, Brandt was heavily involved in the acquisition of All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters.

Brandt gave an insider's viewpoint of how the Eagles are handling the quarterback trade negotiations.

First, Brandt explained how everything revolves around the basic business principle of supply and demand. With three starting-caliber quarterbacks, the Eagles have leverage and can wait for whatever offer suits them the best. The "dearth of talent" at the quarterback position, Brandt reasoned, is why Charlie Whitehurst signed a deal with Seattle that averages a reported $4.5 million per year and former Eagle A.J. Feeley inked a $6 million deal with St. Louis.

The Eagles can hold out for the best offer because even if one of the quarterbacks is traded there are still two starters on the roster.

As the fury of rumors last week regarding an impending deal involving Donovan McNabb subsides, Brandt noted that when it comes to making a deal "things can change quickly."

Last year, the Eagles tried numerous times throughout the off-season to pry Peters away from the Bills. It was a little over a week before the draft that Buffalo called and wanted to get a deal done. Peters is now entering his second year with the team after earning Pro Bowl honors in 2009.

Brandt surmised that whether it was a draft prospect, a backup player already in the organization or maybe the realization that the Eagles' offer was too good to pass up, the Bills were finally motivated to get a deal done.

"The point is that these deals can sit idle for days, weeks or months before something works to change the dynamic and the action heats up quickly and purposefully," Brandt wrote.

That means while it's quiet now at the NovaCare Complex, everything can change in a single moment with just one phone call. However, who knows when or if that call will come at all.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 3:25 p.m., March 29

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