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A Bold New Look For 2017


The idea, says head coach Doug Pederson, is to foster camaraderie, provide some reminders about what the Philadelphia Eagles are all about, and give players a moment to think about the daily mission when they are in the NovaCare Complex. With that, the Eagles players walked into the building to open the offseason conditioning program on Monday and were greeted with a stunning graphics upgrade in the players' area of the building.

From the time they walk through the players' entrance and get to their lockers, the team will notice the dramatic change, one that includes sweeping graphics with inspirational phrases from history, bold images from great franchise moments of the past, and a game and recreation area that is second to none.

"I think it's important that the players gain a sense of the tradition of the franchise and to see the way the images project and just jump out at you," said Pederson, who was part of the effort to initiate the project along with Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman. "The game room that we have helps form that bond, brings on some friendly competition and brings everyone together.

"It's tremendous. We want the NovaCare Complex to be a place where our players enjoy coming to work and we've accomplished that with these designs on the walls. I love it. The feedback I've gotten is that the players love it. It's exciting. It's electrifying to see how this all turned out."

The project began in late November/early December with some conversations and an early plan. Once the season ended, the graphics were added in Phase 1 of the upgrade. Players who have been in the NovaCare Complex prior to the start of the offseason program have been blown away by the look, feel, and the fun of the additions.

The project covers five areas in the players' section of the building, starting in the lounge area connected to the locker room, and it all links perfectly together. Here is a walking tour. ![](

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