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2009 Eagles Draft Recap

The Philadelphia Eagles completed their 2009 draft weekend by adding eight rookies and one veteran player in CB Ellis Hobbs from New England. In all, the Eagles made six trades this weekend involving a total of 18 draft picks and Hobbs.

Six of the draft picks were used on the offensive side of the ball. The Eagles first round draft choice, WR Jeremy Maclin (19th overall), was their highest drafted receiver since 1984 when they used the 4th overall draft pick to select Kenny Jackson. Their 2nd round draft pick, RB LeSean McCoy (53rd overall), was their highest drafted running back since 1994 when they chose Charlie Garner with the 43rd overall pick. Philadelphia did not select a defensive lineman in the draft for just the 2nd time in the Andy Reid era and the first since 2004.

2009 Eagles draft class:

  • WR Jeremy Maclin (6-0, 198, Missouri)- D1 (19th overall)
  • RB LeSean McCoy (5-10, 198, Pittsburgh) - D2 (53rd overall)
  • TE Cornelius Ingram (6-4, 245, Florida) - D5a (153rd overall)
  • CB Victor Harris (5-11, 198, Virginia Tech) - D5b (157th overall)
  • T Fenuki Tupou (6-5, 314, Oregon) - D5c (159th overall) (fen-UU-kee TUU-puu)
  • WR Brandon Gibson (6-0, 210, Washington State) - D6 (194th overall)
  • G Paul Fanaika (6-5, 327, Arizona State) - D7a (213th overall) (fun-EYE-kuh)
  • LB Moise Fokou (6-1, 233, Maryland) - D7b (230th overall) (Moses FOE-koo)

2009 Eagles draft weekend trades:

  • To the Eagles: 1st round (19th overall) ... To the Browns: 1st round (21st overall), 6th round (195th overall)
  • To the Eagles: 3rd round (91st), 5th round (164th) ... To the N.Y. Giants: 3rd round (85th)
  • To the Eagles: 5th round (137th), 7th round (213th), 3rd round in 2010 ... To the Seahawks: 3rd round (91st)
  • To the Eagles: CB Ellis Hobbs ... To the Patriots: 5th round (137th), 5th round (141st)
  • To the Eagles: 7th round (222nd), 5th round in 2010 ... To the Saints: 5th round (164th)
  • To the Eagles: 6th round in 2010 ... To the Colts: 7th round (222nd)

2010 Eagles draft picks:

  • 1st Round
  • 2nd Round
  • 3rd Round
  • 3rd Round - From Seattle
  • 4th Round
  • 5th Round
  • 5th Round - From New Orleans
  • 6th Round - From Indianapolis
  • 6th Round - Own pick sent to Buffalo in Jason Peters trade
  • 7th Round - Own pick sent to New England in Greg Lewis trade
  • TBD - From New York Jets in Lito Sheppard trade
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