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Too many children face 4th
and long odds. Consider this:
  • 25% of Americans cannot read
    a book to their child.
  • Approximately 45% of children in Philadelphia's public schools are not reading at grade level by 4th grade.
  • If students cannot read well by the end of 3rd grade, chances for future school success greatly diminish. Illiteracy increases delinquent behavior and school drop-out rates.
The Eagles Book Mobile tackles reading to give children a better field position in their lives.
Every summer and fall, the Eagles Book Mobile travels to hundreds of Philadelphia area schools, shelters, libraries, recreation centers and summer camps. At each site the Eagles Storybook Man reads aloud to children and distributes a free, new book to each child, most of whom have never owned a book.

The Eagles Book Mobile application is now closed. Please check back in the Spring for information about our Summer Eagles Book Mobile program!

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Eagles Book Mobile Fun Facts
Since 2000, the Eagles Book Mobile
has distributed 552,412 books!
Since 2000, the Eagles Book Mobile
has traveled 68,508 miles!

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