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'You Are With The Greats Now'

  • People connected to Brian Dawkins' Hall of Fame career share their thoughts and memories of him.

"Brian Dawkins brought a certain passion to the field. You could see it when he came out of the tunnel - that low crouch. The crowd would go wild. Brian Dawkins' enthusiasm, passion spread not only to his teammates but to every fan in that stadium. You know, I often hear the criteria for the Hall of Fame is only what occurred on the field. I really believe that character should really be a part of it and Brian has always shown the highest character. Brian Dawkins, not only an All-Pro player, but Brian Dawkins, absolutely Hall of Fame individual." – Voice of the Eagles Merrill Reese

"Dawk, I'm proud of you, man. Hall of Fame. I know Jim Johnson would be very proud of you too. And the great work in which you did, keeping that Eagles team together, you and a couple of your teammates, man, I banked on you for everything. Not only as a player, but also as a human being and teaching the young guys how to go about being a professional on and off the field." – Chiefs head coach Andy Reid

"I'm sure for the City of Philadelphia they all feel like they are going into the Hall of Fame, as you have said plenty of times, right along with you because you have truly inspired the Delaware Valley and all Philadelphia Eagles fans. And so, for that my brother I just want to say thank you, I am honored to have played with you. More importantly, I am honored to call you a friend and a brother." – former teammate Ike Reese

"You're the best. I mean, you taught me a lot about defense. A lot of coverage things that we still teach our guys today came from you. But more than that, about the man that you are. About what it means to have a spirit not of timidity but of strength, of power, of discipline, and of love. ... So, congratulations, enjoy your day, you deserve it, you are a Hall of Famer. I hope that gold jacket fits, I think it fits perfectly." – Ravens head coach and former Eagles assistant coach John Harbaugh

"I had the opportunity to watch you grow as a young football player when I was on Andy Reid's original staff at the Philadelphia Eagles. And today, this is the culmination of that growth period you went through as you're inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Congratulations. It speaks very highly to who you were as a football player, but more importantly to who you are as a man. I want to make sure you understand just the magnitude of this. You are with the greats now." – Panthers head coach and former Eagles assistant coach Ron Rivera

"Just being a young coach, having the opportunity to be around you, I certainly took a lot out of our time together. So thanks for teaching me what it is to be a man off the field and what it is to be a dynamic player on the field. I really incorporate a lot of what you've taught me into what we do here at the Buffalo Bills, so thank you for that." – Bills head coach Sean McDermott

"I can tell you, watching you play football was one of those special, special moments in my life. Being a player, and how technical and analytical you have to be to do what we do, I really enjoyed watching you just play the game as hard as you did and give it everything you got." – former teammate Jon Runyan

"You're a leader on the field, off the field, you were a gift to an entire city including the owner, coaches, and all of your teammates. You brought Jim Johnson's defensive vision to life. You also brought fear to every quarterback and anyone running across the middle. You treat people on the field without mercy and off the field with complete compassion. You are the perfect embodiment of an NFL Hall of Fame member." – former teammate Chad Lewis

"When I think back to our time together and sitting in those staff meeting rooms with our defensive coordinator Jim Johnson and just coming up with different schemes and different ways to highlight your gifts, I know if Jim were here today he'd be so proud just like your family and friends are at what you've accomplished. The things you did on the football field to be now one of the best football players in NFL history is something we are so excited about." – former Eagles defensive backs coach Leslie Frazier

During halftime of the Eagles' Week 7 game against the Carolina Panthers, former safety Brian Dawkins will receive his Pro Football Hall of Fame Ring. Before then, check out the best photos from Dawkins' induction weekend back in August.

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