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WR Damian Williams Scouting Report

WR Damian Williams, Southern Cal
Pos. Rank: 4 Grade: 1st-2nd Round Height: 6-0 1/2 Weight: 197 40: 4.53 Year: 4-Jr.

The Good: Explosive, game breaking skill player who can score any time the ball is in his hands. Plays with terrific quickness, immediately gets off the line of scrimmage and a solid route runner. Sells routes, displays quickness into breaks and stays low on exit. Consistent hand catcher who extends to make the reception away from his frame, and immediately transitions from making the reception to running after the catch. Makes the difficult reception in contorted positions, very effective running after the catch, and displays speed in his overall game. Effortlessly makes the difficult over- the-shoulder grab downfield. Game-breaking punt returner who follows blocks everywhere on the field and creates his own yardage. Plays with excellent balance, body control, and makes good use of the sidelines.

The Bad: Possesses a thin build and loses out in battles. Will struggle getting off jams at the line of scrimmage. Plays faster than his forty time yet lacks elite speed.

The Verdict: Williams possesses game-breaking skills, which strike fear into opponents. Adequately sized, he possesses all the tools necessary to be a number one wide out at the next level, and he just needs a little time to physically mature and get stronger.

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