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What Did The Eagles Gain From The Joint Practices?


Tuesday's rehearsal concluded the set of action-packed joint practices between the Eagles and Dolphins at the NovaCare Complex prior to Thursday's preseason matchup. Quarterback Carson Wentz had two days to ready his offensive unit against the Dolphins' defense. Above all, Wentz looked especially sharp during Tuesday's outing, pinpointing receivers with relative ease. Although neither of the practices was live-tackling sessions, seeing a different look on both sides of the football was beneficial for the Eagles' roster as a whole during these late stages of Training Camp.

"We've been going up against our defense for quite a long time. You start figuring out each other pretty well and it's good to just get some other faces out there," Wentz said. "(It's) a little different scheme, different things that they do, so it was a really productive two days."

After Tuesday's practice, head coach Doug Pederson hinted that the starters may play into the second half of Thursday's game, which could be the final game action of the preseason for those players.

"We got a lot of good work right here these last couple of days. I want to see where they're at health wise," Pederson said. "Typically in this game as you know, two quarters and a half, a little bit into the third. I haven't made that decision yet I'm going to wait and see kind of how the guys are these last couple of days."

Here are some other reactions from Eagles players about matching up against the Dolphins this week at practice:

CB Jalen Mills

"It was a lot of fun seeing other players. We've been going at it for a long time against the same players and you can become familiar with what they do and with the scheme. So, seeing Miami and guys like (Jarvis) Landry was refreshing. I loved it."

RB LeGarrette Blount

"You don't want anybody to get hurt out there, but you have a lot of players who want to show what they can do. New faces, new defense but at the end of the day it was football. I'm used to seeing Miami (playing with New England), so to have a chance to practice against them and catch up with a few of them, it was cool."

WR Torrey Smith

"You go against the same defensive backs every day for months and you get to know their tendencies and they know yours, so having another team was really good. Good tempo and a lot of intensity. It was a very productive two days."

LB Nathan Gerry

"I thought it went well. It was something different. I think it was fun seeing other players and working against a different offense. I thought we did a good job out there."

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