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Wentz Emerges Victorious In Physical Battle

The Eagles held off the Giants Thursday night, defeating their NFC East rival, 24-19.

Carson Wentz finished the night 13-of-24 with 152 yards and a touchdown. He also broke the team record for completions with 352 for the season, surpassing the previous mark of 346 set a year ago by Sam Bradford.

The Eagles jumped out to an early 14-0 lead after a 25-yard Darren Sproles touchdown run and a Malcolm Jenkins pick-six. The Eagles' defense recorded three interceptions, two by Jenkins and the game-winning play by safety Terrence Brooks.

"Our defense played great with the touchdown early in the game and then sealing the deal in the end. It was just really good teamwork," said Wentz.

After dropping five consecutive games, the Eagles found a way to come out on top. The first matchup between these two teams at MetLife Stadium back in Week 9 was another five-point difference, except the Giants took the win 28-23. Several of the Eagles' matchups this season were filled with fourth-quarter rallies for the young Eagles squad. This time around, it was their opponent who was fighting for the win.

"We've been in so many close games. To finally finish one like this, we knew we could do it all along. We were struggling obviously. But to finally finish one it puts a good taste in our mouth for sure," Wentz explained.

One element that the Eagles' offense has been missing this season is the deep pass. It was a change of pace when Wentz connected with Nelson Agholor for a 40-yard touchdown in the second quarter. It was Agholor's longest reception of the season and his second touchdown.

"They ran a different coverage there so he was kind of going through the progression there and just to get over the top of that guy and he did a really good job at it," Wentz said.

"We've been lacking that big-play touchdown as well. It's kind of been a while so for us as an offense it was huge for him personally, so it's definitely something to build on."

Backup quarterback Chase Daniel had to come into the game on Thursday, after Wentz sustained an injury in the third quarter. Wentz was escorted off of the field and proceeded to follow the concussion protocol after Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon was called for roughing the passer. Veteran tackle Jason Peters comforted his teammate.

"I was obviously a little dizzy there and he was just telling me, 'You need to go to the sideline, bud,'" Wentz recalled.

"It was a screen play obviously and Sproles didn't get out there, so I just tried to throw it away and I was taken to the ground pretty hard. Landed on my head, got up, I was a little dizzy, got my bell rung a little bit. But then I got to the bench and I was feeling good. Had to go in and do the protocol on everything, passed that, and got to come back in."

The Eagles have one regular season contest remaining against the Dallas Cowboys on New Year's Day. Wentz had a moment to reflect on his time in the City of Brotherly Love so far and what he's learned about Philadelphia since his NFL journey began.

"They love hard work and they love winning. That's the biggest thing and I'm the same way. I hate to lose. If you're not working hard, I don't really tolerate it either so I think it's a great fit for me," Wentz said.

The Eagles defeat the Giants on Thursday Night Football 24-19, making the series for the season 1-1.

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