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Watkins Plays Strong 1st Quarter

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- First-round draft pick Danny Watkins started at right guard and played the first quarter, contributing to an attack that gained 124 yards and a touchdown on Thursday night.

Watkins was pleased with his performance and glad he was able to get some added playing time.

"It was just another game, just more experience getting ready for the regular season," said Watkins. "It was good. I was looking forward to it. The more playing time I can get, the better.

The more experience for me, the better. We didn't have the rookie OTAs or anything like that, so I'm just trying to make up for lost time."

Watkins figures to start on September 11 at right guard along the Eagles' new-look offensive line. He knows that his time against the Jets helps him become that much more prepared.

"Just seeing different defensive fronts like this where it's changing and you have to prepare for it, it's good," said Watkins. "Throughout the season we're going to see different looks and this is good experience just getting ready for that."

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