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Vinny Curry helps hometown kids look Fly, Eagles Fly for senior prom

Vinny Curry understands how much senior prom means to high school kids. So, he's doing something to make sure the young men at Neptune High School look their very best on Friday night.

It was an extremely busy Thursday for Curry, who took part in the Eagles' Organized Team Activities at the NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia and then hustled up to Neptune City, New Jersey to take part in his "100 Kid Haircuts" program at Meet The Barber Gentlemen's Lounge barber shop. Curry paid for 100 young men to have their hair cut and styled for Friday night's senior prom.

"Where I'm from, the prom is a very big deal. I just wanted to do something nice for these kids who are already paying money for a tuxedo, maybe a car, things like that. I just wanted to take the stress level off the parents and the kids just a little bit," said Curry, part of his ongoing campaign to give back to his hometown. "It's a great barbershop and the kids are having a great time getting ready for their prom.

"I remember my prom. It was everything for us. It's that one step before graduation. I understand that. So that's why we're calling this, 'Get Flee, On Flee.' Like, 'Get Fly, On Me.' Know what I'm saying? It's just a wonderful way to help take some of the burden of the cost of a senior prom."

Curry has long given back to Neptune, his hometown and only now is he making his projects public. Thursday's haircuts were the start of a series of events that Curry has planned in the near future.

"Coming from where I'm from, I want to give kids a vision and I want them to understand that I never forget where I'm from," he said. "I've been in their shoes. I've been in those school halls. Sometimes when they go home at night, I know what they're thinking and the challenges that they have.

"I'm very blessed. I thank God on the regular for what I've been given and what I've attained. If I can provide a path for the kids, that's the payback. I don't want the publicity usually, but for this one, I'm glad to spread the word. It's a nice flow for the whole town."

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