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Vick Unsure Of His Future With Eagles

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ –- Michael Vick did some good things, had some plays he would not like to see again in film review and generally played the type of game he and the Eagles have played in the last two seasons: No matter the highlights, the overall production just wasn't good enough.

"We came into the season with high expectations and we didn't perform to the best of our abilities by any means," Vick said after Sunday's game. "We have to look back and see what we didn't do correctly and at some point in our futures, we all have to correct them and do them differently."

For Vick, who made the start in the season finale on Sunday in place of the injured (broken hand) Nick Foles, the 2012 season was "dismal," as he said. Vick opened the season as a starter and engineered three fourth-quarter comeback victories to give the Eagles a 3-1 record at the end of September, but it all unwound after that. He suffered a concussion on November 11 and wouldn't have played again had it not been for the injury suffered by Foles.

So, with only a week of practice, Vick went out and tried to end the season on a positive note at MetLife Stadium. Didn't happen. Vick tossed an early interception after the Eagles opened the game with a successful onsides kick and the turnover led to the first of five Eli Manning touchdown passes in the 42-7 Eagles loss.

"I don't know how that happens. You watch us play and we don't exhibit the things that we do in practice. I don't know where that comes from. It's frustrating," Vick said. "It's difficult because, me, I leave it all out on the field and I give it everything I got. Sometimes, I wish I could play other positions, but I can't. You do the best you can. That's all you can ask of yourself."

After the game, Vick was on edge. He showed irritation when told that some players said there was "not enough fight" on the team, and when asked if he wanted to remain an Eagle in 2013, he replied "I don't know."

There is a lot up in the air for Vick and for the Eagles. Vick's contract reportedly increases to nearly $16 million in 2013, including a salary bonus the Eagles would have to pay should Vick be on the active roster five days after the Super Bowl is played. With Foles in the developmental stage, would the Eagles consider keeping Vick as a starter?

Who knows? But Vick's final performance in 2012 was nothing special – he completed 19 of 35 passes for 197 yards, with one touchdown and the interception. The early interception hurt, as did overthrowing a wide-open Damaris Johnson in the end zone in the first half with the Eagles trailing 28-7. A touchdown there could have made a difference. But it was not to be for Vick this day, or this year.

"We just wanted to go out and get a win," Vick said. "First and foremost, that's the ultimate common goal. Other than that, you're not thinking about what can happen the day after the game. We just wanted to finish strong and finish with a win. Unfortunately, we weren't able to do that."

Now Vick waits to see what happens next. The option belongs to the Eagles, who have not said a thing. It is likely that the team will keep all options open for as long as possible.

"I just have to take time to think about everything that happened this season and reflect on it," Vick said. "I can take the positives away, as far as what I was able to accomplish."

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