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The Read-Option: NFC East Up For Grabs


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Happy Monday, Eagles fans! The team will return to practice tomorrow to prepare for its game against the Patriots, but there is still plenty of Eagles content to catch up on. Take a look at the latest news in the November 30th edition of the Read-Option ...

Burton Makes The Most Of Game Reps - Dave Spadaro

"Trey Burton has come a long way since he was Mr. Everything at the University of Florida. Back then he played receiver, running back, quarterback and the Guy Who Had To Have The Ball for an offensively challenged Gators team. In the NFL, he had to learn a position.

He's done that well, becoming a tight end for the Eagles when he signed with the team following the 2014 NFL Draft. In Thursday's loss at Detroit, Burton was a bit of a bright spot with his first two career receptions, the first of which gained 43 yards and set up the Eagles' first touchdown to tie the game at 7-7 in the second quarter.

'I owe everything to Brent Celek and Zach Ertz and my coach, Justin Peelle,' said Burton, who gained 49 yards on his catches playing in place of Ertz, who was out of the game with a concussion. 'It was a great learning experience for me. I mean, I dreamed of this from a really young age, to play in the NFL on Thanksgiving Day in Detroit. Obviously, we would have wished the outcome was better. That's No. 1. But for me I'm trying to enjoy any time I get and trying to take advantage of the reps.'

Burton's big gain, which came on the next-to-last play of the first quarter, looked simple. He caught a short pass from quarterback Mark Sanchez in the middle of the field and then Burton made the rest on his own. He used his speed and his legs to get down the field to the 5-yard line."

Tweet Of The Day

Congratulations to the Coacher Family! Daughter Morgan submitted a great picture of their Eagles family and won a lawn painting! View the full gallery here...

Next Man Up: Rowe Ready For Action - Alex Smith

With Nolan Carroll![](/team/roster/nolan-carroll/97b8366f-1a64-4194-89ec-986fd65c8f17/ "Nolan Carroll") now on IR, Rowe is ready for his shot ...

"Carroll was placed on the Injured Reserve list on Friday. That means that Rowe, the Eagles' second-round pick from this past draft, will now see extended time at outside corner.

'Our biggest motto here is next man up,' Rowe said. 'When he went down, I can't go in there and not know my stuff. I expect more playing time because now we're kind of low on DBs, so now I just have to step up and help the defense now.'

Going back to the draft process, Rowe's versatility is what drew the Eagles' attention to begin with. At the University of Utah, he was a three-year starter at safety before moving to corner for his senior season. With that versatility in mind, the Eagles have trained Rowe at outside corner, safety and inside at nickel. As the season's progressed, Rowe has seen most of his playing time in the dime package, but the rookie says he's ready for the challenge of playing outside opposite of Byron Maxwell.

'I'm extremely comfortable,' Rowe said. 'As the year's gone on, I've learned the defense a lot better. It's a lot different to study on paper then to get out there for reps, so through the year I've gotten better with the defense. I've learned more tools and I know when to use them now, so I'm extremely comfortable out there.'"

Goal To Go: Brandon Graham

Other Views

Eagles Still Alive In NFC East - Bob Brookover, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Still being in the race should be enough motivation for the players and coaches to return to work Tuesday with some renewed enthusiasm. They have a division game remaining at home with Washington and on the season's final day against the Giants at MetLife Stadium. Win both of them and one of the other three against New England, Buffalo, or Arizona, and, as ridiculous as it sounds, 7-9 could get them into the postseason.

A year ago, on Nov. 30, the Carolina Panthers lost badly to Minnesota to fall to 3-8-1. They won their last four games and claimed the NFC South with a 7-8-1 record before upsetting Arizona in the first round of the playoffs. Since that loss to the Vikings, they are 16-1.

Five years ago, Seattle lost five of its last seven games, but still won the NFC West with a 7-9 record before also winning a playoff game against the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans.

Stupid stuff happens in this league, and the Eagles still have a chance to do something that would make absolutely no sense."

Jason Kelce: 'We're Going To Find Out The Cowards' - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7

"Kelce has been on of Kelly's biggest advocates, and a defender of his methods. After a pair of horrible losses and all signs pointing to dysfunction, has his confidence in Kelly been shaken?

'I will never doubt Chip Kelly and I will never doubt these coaches,' he said. 'That's the only way you can go about this business in my opinion. Doubters and people that don't trust their teammates and don't trust their coaches, those are losers in my opinion. That's the way you lose games. And obviously we're losing a lot of games right now, we're not doing very well. But that's not ever going to change my approach or my trust in the players in this locker room or the coaches that are telling me what to do.'

Even before the Thanksgiving loss, there were signs that cracks were starting to form along the foundation. There was talk of guys in the locker room bailing on the head coach; an anonymous quote from a player suggesting that other teammates weren't giving full effort. Kelce was around for the final days of Andy Reid, and knows that dissension in the ranks comes with the territory when a season goes bad.

'At this point, we're 4-7, we're going to find out what this locker room is made of. We're going to find out who are the guys that are all in and with each other, and we're going to find out the cowards, quite frankly. We're going to find out the guys who will give you an anonymous reports to a reporter; we're going to find out who are the guys that talk behind people's back,' he said.

'I think that's good, because then you find out who's all in and who's not.'"

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