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The Eagles React In Amazing Fashion To Jake Elliott's Game-Winning Kick


Jake Elliott's kick is clearly one for the record books and his teammates took notice. The franchise- and NFL rookie-record 61-yard kick broke a 24-all tie against the Giants as the clock expired. The Eagles stormed the field and after the game had some awesome remarks about their new rookie kicker, who was signed just two weeks ago after Caleb Sturgis was injured in the win over Washington.

QB Carson Wentz

"We knew Jake had good range, but I wasn't sure 61 was doable. Coach (Doug Pederson) had a lot of faith in him and we had a lot of faith in him. He got it done and it was pretty crazy," Wentz said.

"I was just praying that it went in. How often do you see a 61-yarder? I think it was the longest in franchise history. Good for him. Hats off to him, as a guy who just got here two weeks ago. We're all pretty pumped for the kid."

WR Alshon Jeffery

"When I came to the sideline, I asked our special teams coach Dave Fipp if he's ever made a kick that far. He said (Elliott) can make it from 61 yards. He said he's practiced it before, so I'm like (great). I was just hoping that if he didn't make it, we could take our best chances in overtime. At the same time, it was a heck of a kick," he said.

P Donnie Jones

"I was just looking up and I was tracking the ball the whole way and I was kind of keeping an eye on Odell (Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr.) too because I was kind of thinking to myself if he's getting the ball in his hands I don't know who's going to tackle him. So I kind of started getting downfield and then when I saw the official put his hands up obviously it was a great moment," Jones said.

"The way he carries himself, the way he approaches practice. In my mind, he's not a rookie. He's got the mindset where, 'Hey if I do miss, you come back and you forget about it and you go make the next one.

"That's probably in 14 years of playing football that's probably one of the greatest moments if not the greatest ultimate team victory I've ever been around."

WR Torrey Smith

"Jake is the man. Absolutely. I'm so proud of him," Smith said. "People don't know how tough it is when you miss a kick early in the game and the game was on the line and he has an opportunity to redeem himself and he didn't flinch. We didn't even know how far this guy could kick. He's been here a couple of weeks. Someone was on the sideline like, 'Hey, can you make this?' He was like, 'Yeah.' Just casual like. And he goes up there and did it. That's a big moment I'm so happy for him."

TE Zach Ertz

"I was just saying. Please go in," Ertz said. "I mean, obviously, we knew that Odell was back there so we knew we had to be firm in protection and get out as well to cover in case it was short and 61 yards into the wind is unreal. That kid's got a huge leg obviously and we're glad to have him."

DE Brandon Graham

"My head was down and I was just waiting on people to run out – if they ran out, we won, and if they didn't, then we had to go to overtime. When I heard people yelling and going crazy, I just started running. I didn't even see him make it," Graham said.

RB LeGarrette Blount

"You guys might see me on the sideline on a knee holding hands with a few of the guys. Probably me, Wendell (Smallwood), JP (Jason Peters), probably Byron (Marshall). It was a lot of guys. Sixty-one yards is a long kick man, it's a really really long kick, and obviously we all have confidence in him," Blount said. If we didn't, Doug wouldn't have let him kick the ball. So we had confidence in it and he came through for us in a big way. We needed this one."

RT Lane Johnson

"When Jake first kicked it, I knew it was going to come out low, so the big thing was to not let any pressure in," Johnson said. "We had a cover call so as soon as it went in the air, we ran down the field and I thought it was going to go wide right. It curved back in, I heard the crowd's reaction, and the stadium just erupted."

RB Corey Clement

"Definitely the biggest star in this locker room right now," Clement said. "We believed in him once he got a chance to get that foot under him. You guys should really be interviewing him since he's the real hero today."

CB Jalen Mills

"I've seen him make over 40 yards at practice. He always kicks it through the uprights. So there was no doubt in my mind that he was going to make it," Mills said.

S Chris Maragos

"So I was back a little bit. I was like, 'Man, if he's going to kick this I want to get a good vantage point to see if this thing is going in,' and leading up to it all throughout the week, Jake's got such a strong leg. He's been hitting some really deep kicks in practice. So we knew going into it that, 'Hey, he can hit these types of ranges, and he lined it up and saw the viewpoint and looked like it was straight down the middle right there and hooking back and right when it went off his foot it looked like he got a hold of it really good. I'm like man this thing's in.' Just a great feeling for our team," Maragos said.

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Giants, 27-24, thanks to a historic Jake Elliott field goal.

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