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What will Shane Steichen cook up against the Chiefs?

Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro
Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro

PHOENIX – The pieces are in place, as they've been all season. Big, strong dominating offensive line. Game-changing wide receivers. A difference-making tight end, and depth to help in both the passing game and running game. A stable of running backs who do a lot of everything very well. A quarterback who is a dual-threat nightmare for defensive coordinators.

This is the Eagles' offense, circa 2022 NFL season, and Offensive Coordinator Shane Steichen and Head Coach Nick Sirianni and the offensive coaching staff have pushed the right buttons and drawn up great game plans throughout the year.

One more game. Pick your poison.

"Week in and week out, we try to do a good job of putting our guys in position and those guys do a heck of a job going out and executing," Steichen said. "I think it's special that we run it when we need to run it and throw it when we need to throw it. It's awesome and that dictates how the game is going and how it's going to play out. The credit goes to the guys for the work they've put in every day this season.

"You kind of find out about your team midway through the season. Obviously, we knew in Training Camp that we had a ton of talent, but then you have to go out and execute on the field. Once we were in Week 6, 7, 8, you go, 'Hey, we have a chance to do something really, really special this year.' We made it to the Super Bowl and now we've got to go finish it."

Kansas City's defense is schemed by coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who was born from the Jim Johnson tree, and that's a defense we saw in Philadelphia for many seasons in the 2000s. Very good defenses. Ones that pressure the line of scrimmage. Ones that present the illusion of pressure. Ones that blitz when needed. Kansas City hasn't blitzed a lot this year because the Chiefs win up front with tackle Chris Jones (15.5 quarterback sacks in the regular season, 2 sacks in AFC Championship Game win over Bengals) and end Frank Clark (5 sacks in regular season, 2.5 in two playoff games). Kansas City sacked Cincinnati's Joe Burrow five times to advance to this Super Bowl.

The Chiefs pressure the quarterback and take the football away. It's a good defense. The Eagles are a great offense.

"We know they're probably going to throw some things at us that we haven't seen on tape, or maybe it's something Spags has done in his past, shoot, 10 years ago, whatever it is," Steichen said. "We have to be ready to adjust, no matter what they bring and just execute our plan. Spags does a lot. He's aggressive, but he also knows how to put guys in position to make plays. He has a good feel as a playcaller for when to be aggressive. He's good.

"But we're good, too. The energy this week has been awesome. The guys are fired up, practices have been great, meetings have been great. The guys are locked in."

What will the approach be? Run the ball? Throw it? A mix? For sure, the Eagles want to dictate to teams because, well, that's what they've done all season. The ability of this offense to destroy defenses any which way this season has been remarkable. It's a full-throttle offense, together on the biggest stage of football.

One more game. Go finish the job.

"We want Jalen (Hurts) to do what he's been doing all year. Same with all the guys. Execute the plan, stay calm and collected, and we'll be ready to go," Steichen said. "Guys understand that we have a lot of players here who can make plays. Execute at a high level like we've been doing all season. I know for me, I'm going to have my same routine. I think that's what we have done all season.

"It's very important that we all play the way we've played throughout the year. Just go out there and play Philadelphia Eagles football."

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