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Some Truth In Doug Pederson's Joke Regarding Offensive Identity


"Pound and ground," head coach Doug Pederson joked at the start of Monday's press conference when asked to describe the Eagles' offense.

After struggling to run the football in the first two games, the Eagles proved for the second week in a row that the run game is, in fact, one of the team's strengths. Thanks to a tremendous job by both the offensive line and the running backs, the Eagles topped last week's ground game performance against the Giants in their 26-24 road win against the Chargers with 214 yards on the ground including 136 by LeGarrette Blount.

"Every week you try to go in and you try and establish your run game. That's the first thing you have to try and do. If you can do that, it'll open up a little play-action pass. It'll open up some shots down the field and that's kind of where you want to start," said Pederson.

"For us, these last couple of weeks our running game has been a combination by great gameplanning by (offensive line coach Jeff) Stoutland, the desire, the will, and the want-to by our offensive line. With the tight end and quarterback, Carson (Wentz) being a part of that. Then just execution on gameday."

The Eagles are holding onto the football for a league-high 35:29 per game. Sunday, they kept the Chargers' defense on the field for just under 40 minutes. Pederson credited the offense's playmaking ability, the run game, and the team's 51-percent efficiency on third down this season – second highest in the NFL.

"It's not a point of emphasis. I think it's credit to our guys. I think we're one of the top offenses in not having three-and-outs which is very beneficial. We're staying on the field. And then our third-down conversion rate has been good and we've been able to stay on the field so all that is part of the time of possession," Pederson said.

"And of course the run game. Yesterday was an example we got a few more chunk play runs but at the same time that all kind of factors into time of possession."

Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox did not travel with the team to Los Angeles as he tended to a calf injury. Pederson is hopeful that his return is imminent.

"Going into this week, obviously he didn't go to L.A. and he stayed back and got the treatment on it so he's progressing," Pederson said. "So I'm hoping that he practices Wednesday but we'll see where he's at that day."

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