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Some Love For The Linc - And Eagles Fans


Lincoln Financial Field – and Eagles fans – received some recognition and love from a recent ranking of NFL stadiums.

A top-five ranking – Lincoln Financial Field ranked fourth, behind Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers), CenturyLink Field (Seattle Seahawks), and Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City Chiefs) – saluted the all-around excellence of Lincoln Financial Field and paid tribute – that's the way we take it, anyway – to the great Eagles fans.

Said* "There's something to be said for a solid, good-looking stadium with excellent sight lines and fast-moving security that's located directly off I-95 in a stadium complex that has ton of parking. And the awfulness of Philly fans is overrated. Like 95 percent of people are great. Those other 5 percent - well, they're as bad as advertised. Eh, maybe it's a 90/10 ratio."*

Why does everybody have to take a shot at Eagles fans?!? Geez, they just don't understand the culture.

Eagles president Don Smolenski understands, though, and he's proud of the ranking and, of course, the fans.

"I think it's a nice compliment," Smolenski said. "We have the good fortune of calling Lincoln Financial Field our home. We take a lot of pride in how we maintain it, and we also take a lot of pride in the experience that we provide for the fans.

"We love our fans. We know the energy they bring every gameday. We live it. We feel it. We breathe it. It's intense, it's passionate. I think our fans just want us to win and they cheer for us in all types of conditions – whether it's the rain or snow, in good seasons and not-so-great seasons."

Smolenski also applauded the workers behind the scenes who help make Eagles gameday come to life.

"It's also great to see that the efforts that our staff puts in – their blood, sweat, and tears – get some recognition as one of the top stadiums in the National Football League," he said.

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