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Sanchez: We Didn't Do Enough On Offense


Following the team's 45-17 loss, Mark Sanchez stood at the podium as the media fired off question after question. With straight face, he was the first to agree that Sunday's showing was unimpressive in all phases of the game.

The team made mistakes, plenty of them, but no one can change the past and placing blame won't solve any problems. Instead, Sanchez and the offense are going to see what they did right, what they did wrong and fix the issues.

"We're not pointing any fingers at any side of the ball at all," Sanchez said following his first start of the season, replacing an injured Sam Bradford. "That's not what we do around here. We all look at ourselves and I can speak for our own unit and for myself, and we didn't do enough to win the game on the offensive side of the ball. That's it. That's the way we think about it as an offense."

With Sanchez in command of the offense, the team accumulated 383 yards, 247 in the air and 136 on the ground. He created opportunities for the Eagles to find success, especially in the early parts of the game.

On the team's second possession, he led it down the field on a seven play, 86-yard drive that culminated in a 39-yard touchdown pass to Josh Huff. Then in the second quarter, he connected with running back Darren Sproles on a screen pass for a 35-yard touchdown. Unfortunately, the positives seemed to end there.

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Sanchez completed 26-of-41 attempts for 261 yards with the two touchdowns, but three interceptions.

After Sanchez's third interception of the game, a pass intended for Sproles that was picked off and returned for a touchdown by Tampa Bay linebacker Lavonte David, the offense was in a much different spot as it trailed by 21 points. Emotions were high and the two let their frustrations boil over.

"Look, we're in the middle of a game where we're getting beat pretty good and I'm pissed that he stopped and he's mad that I didn't throw it right to him," Sanchez explained. "There's nothing wrong with that. The mature part is that we talked about it again. If we would have left it there and just, 'Alright, you screwed up,' 'No, you screwed up,' and move on, then we don't get to the bottom of it. Sproles is a total pro and a great player. And I know as mad as I was I needed to hear his opinion and he wanted to hear what I had to say. Then you move on."

Altogether, the Eagles are ready to leave every part of this game behind – the offensive performance, defensive performance and outbursts of emotion.

The focus is now shifted to Detroit and Thanksgiving, a matchup that is only four days away. With such little time to prepare, the Eagles must immediately get back to work.

"You just have to be a pro and bring the young guys along, guys who haven't been in this situation before," Sanchez said. "We're going to get a chance to play on Thanksgiving, which is going to be great. You get your family back home watching and we'll get a mini-bye week after that to get guys healthy.

"This could be the start of something good. We just need to improve upon some of the things that didn't go right today and get some things fixed. We have plenty of talent to do it. I know we have a great coaching staff. We have plenty of firepower. We'll figure it out, get it fixed and try to get a win on Thursday."

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