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S Earl Thomas Scouting Report

S Earl Thomas, Texas
Pos. Rank: 2 Grade: 1st Round Height: 5-10 1/2 Weight: 208 40: 4.43 Year: 3-So.

The Good: Complete safety effective in run defense or pass coverage. Displays terrific awareness, effectively picks up coverage assignments and possesses good ball skills. Fast sideline-to-sideline, diagnoses the action, and works well with cornerbacks. Picks up responsibilities in the middle of the field, displays a nice break to the throw, and plays with a great degree of suddenness. Covers a lot of area on the field and effectively plays over the slot receiver when used in man coverage. Terrific hands for the interception. Gives effort in run defense coming up the field and wrapping up ball-carriers. Hard-hitting safety.

The Bad: Not a sturdy defensive back and struggles bringing ball-carriers down on initial contact. Lacks classic size for safety.

The Verdict: Thomas is a terrific athlete with all the necessary skills to be a starting free safety on the NFL level. His cover skills are good enough that he can occasionally line up at cornerback if necessary. Thomas possesses a great degree of upside potential and could quickly break into a starting lineup on the NFL level.

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