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Roseman Likes Personality Of Team

General manager Howie Roseman sat down for a one-on-one interview on the Wednesday edition of Eagles Nightly. You can watch the entire interview above, but here's a sample of the topics Roseman touched on ...

On watching the Eagles come back to beat the Browns in the opener: "We're a young football team and you talk about the determination of the football team; you see it on both sides of the ball. Bad things happened, we're going to continue to try and improve during the course of the year, but the determination of this football team that exemplifies the City of Philadelphia - determined city, determined group of people. We feel like this team is trying to get that type of identity. The defense, you really have to give credit to the persistence of the defense, some of our new players who have come in and to play a big role in this game; our young players did not getting down. We're trying to give this city what it deserves, a team that thrives on heart, determination. We'll have some challenges ahead of us, but I think they'll see that throughout the year."

On re-signing wide receiver Mardy Gilyard: "Mardy had a really good Training Camp for us. He shows the ability to get vertical. He's a playmaker with the ball in his hands. We're looking forward to seeing him out on the field Sunday. It was an easy decision for us since he was still available with his experience in our offense."

On waiving safety Jaiquawn Jarrett: "It's hard to let go of any player, especially any player that you draft. We look forward to seeing Jaiquawn have some success going forward. Obviously, that didn't work out. We've got to go back and look at the reasons why that didn't work out. When you make a mistake, you want to learn from it. ... Hopefully, some of the things we've done to rectify mistakes that we've made and that have been made in the league and the process that we've gone through will hopefully correct a lot of those and we'll do a great job in the draft going forward."

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